11th U-21 Junior National C’ship 2019: Day 1¬†

Junior National Championship 2019
11th U-21 Junior National Championship 2019: Shehryar Abbas during a Day 1 match with Abdul Aziz – Courtesy: PBSC

ISLAMABAD: Jubilee Insurance 11th U-21 Junior National Championship 2019 started at PSB Snooker Hall, Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.

Besides, Muhammad Naseem Akhtar, former World U-18 Champion and defending Champion, 37 players from all over Pakistan are participating in the week long Championship being held on league cum knock-out basis. The participating players have been divided in eight different group. At the end of league matches, two top players from each group will qualify for the Pre-Quarter Finals (Knock-out Stage).

Mr. Muhammad Azam Dar, Deputy Director General (Technical) , Pakistan Sports Board inaugurated the Championship. Mr. Naveed Kapadia, Director Tournament introduced the players with the Chief Guest.

26 matches were scheduled for the opening day. Following are the results of matches played till the filing of the story.

  • Ammar Hussain¬†Shah (Kpk) bt Abdul Aziz (Bal)¬†3-1¬†(57-44, 47-75, 62-49, 68-32)
  • Shehryar Abbas (Pjb) bt Muzammil Khan (Sindh)¬†3-2¬†(40-73, 70-46, 71-49, 49-60, 71-36)
  • Fahad Ghaffar (Isb) bt Gulam Mustafa (Bal)3-0¬†(69-30, 68-31, 88-65)
  • Shehryar Khan (Sindh) bt Umer Farooq (Pjb)3-2¬†(77-51, 78-18, 22-71, 62-74, 70-02
  • Umer Khan (Pjb) bt Ali Zaman (Sindh)¬†3-0¬†(95-0(52), 78-0(53), 62-01)
  • Saad Khan (Kpk) bt Afsar Ali (Kpk)¬†3-0¬†(56-19, 66-33, 60-09)
  • Muhammad Saleem (Kpk) bt Abdul Rehman (Sindh)¬†3-0¬†(81-15, 75-01, 70-03)
  • Shaikh M. Mudassir (Pjb) bt Iftikhar Hussain (Bal)¬†3-0¬†(98-14, 74-39, 80-12)
  • Shehryar Abbas (Pjb) bt Abdul Aziz (Bal)¬†3-1¬†(64-33, 2-54, 56-28, 66-17(66),)
  • Usman Ahmed (Pjb) bt Ammar Hussain Shah (Kpk)¬†3-0¬†(63-28, 59-26, 85-25)
  • Shehryar Khan (Sindh) bt Fahad Ghaffar (Isb)3-1¬†(61-20, 46-59, 68-35, 67-43)
  • Muhammad Rafiq (Kpk) bt Gulam Mustafa (Bal)¬†3-0¬†(77-21, 90-16, 89-64)
  • Ali Zaman (Sindh) bt Afsar Ali (Kpk)¬†3-0¬†(75-31, 60-26, 46-39)
  • Umer Khan (Pjb) bt Zohaib Khan (Bal)¬†3-0¬†(63-35, 63-13, 74-60)
  • Muhammad Saleem (Kpk) bt Shaikh M. Mudassir (Pjb)¬†3-2¬†(46-60, 60-7, 66-50, 28-55, 65-12)
  • Abdul Rehman (Sindh) bt Ameer Hamza (Sindh)¬†3-2¬†(26-64, 52-24, 19-40, 63-53, 68-54)
  • Raees Ali Usama (Pjb) bt Muhammad Usama (Sindh)¬†3-0¬†(73-26, 71-26, 53-18)
  • Ali Haider Pjb bt Sohaib Usman (Isb)¬†3-0¬†(66-31, 45-36, 61-22)

4th U18 Junior National (Pakistan) Championship 2019: QF Day; Defending Champion Umer Loses

Day 1st Remaining Matches  

  • Haris Tahir (Pjb) V/S Haroon Sarfaraz (Kpk)
  • Talha Sakrani (Sindh) V/S Muhammad Hamza (Pjb)
  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Pjb) V/S Abid Sajjad (Pjb)
  • Sami Ullah (Bal) V/S Shaikh Ahmed (Kpk)
  • Muhammad Shahbaz (Pjb) V/S Abdullah Tariq (Sindh)
  • Ahsan Yousuf (Pjb) V/S Zakir Hussain (Bal)
  • Raees Ali Usama (Pjb) V/S Ali Haider (Pjb)
  • Usman Khurshid (Kpk) V/S Muhammad Usama (Sindh)

18th January Fixture

  • Abdul Aziz¬†(Bal)¬†V/S¬†Usman Ahmed¬†(Pjb)
  • Muzammil Khan¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Ammar Hussain Shah¬†(Kpk)
  • Fahad Ghaffar¬†(Isb)¬†V/S¬†Muhammad Rafiq¬†(Kpk)
  • Umer Farooq¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Gulam Mustafa¬†(Bal)
  • Ali Zaman¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Zohaib Khan¬†(Bal)
  • Saad Khan¬†(Kpk)¬†V/S¬†Umer Khan¬†(Pjb)
  • Muhammad Saleem¬†(Kpk)¬†V/S¬†Ameer Hamza(Sindh)
  • Iftikhar Hussain¬†(Bal)¬†V/S¬†Abdul Rehman¬†(Sindh)
  • Muzammil Khan¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Usman Ahmed(Pjb)
  • Ammar Hussain Shah¬†(Kpk)¬†V/S¬†Shehryar Abbas¬†(Pjb)
  • Umer Farooq¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Muhammad Rafiq¬†(Kpk)
  • Gulam Mustafa¬†(Bal)¬†V/S¬†Shehryar Khan¬†(Sindh)
  • Saad Khan¬†(Kpk)¬†V/S¬†Zohaib Khan¬†(Bal)
  • Umer Khan¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Afsar Ali¬†(Kpk)
  • Iftikhar Hussain¬†(Bal)¬†V/S¬†Ameer Hamza¬†(Sindh)
  • Abdul Rehman¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Shaikh M. Mudassir(Pjb)
  • Raees Ali Usama¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Usman Khurshid(Kpk)
  • Sohaib Usman¬†(*Isb)¬†V/S¬†Muhammad Usama(Sindh)
  • Haris Tahir¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Muhammad Hamza¬†(Pjb)
  • Talha Sakrani¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Haroon Sarfaraz¬†(Kpk)
  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Shaikh Ahmed¬†(Kpk)
  • Sami Ullah¬†(Bal)¬†V/S¬†Abid Sajjad¬†(Pjb)
  • Muhammad Shahbaz¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Zakir Hussain(Bal)
  • Ahsan Yousuf¬†(Pjb)¬†V/S¬†Abdullah Tariq¬†(Sindh)
  • Sohaib Usman¬†(*Isb)¬†V/S¬†Usman Khurshid¬†(Kpk)
  • Muhammad Usama¬†(Sindh)¬†V/S¬†Ali Haider (Pjb)

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