LAHORE: Former Men & Masters World Champion  Muhammad Yousuf of Sindh earned the credit of making first century of Jubilee Insurance 2nd National Masters (+40) Snooker Championship 2018, being played at Champions Snooker Academy, Lahore.
Four major upsets were seen on the very first day of the league round of Jubilee Insurance 2nd National Masters (+40) Snooker Championship 2018, when unseeded Imran Shahzad defeated 2nd seed of the Championship and also Sindh Masters (+40) Champion, Khurram Agha by 3-1 and another unseeded Faisal Rogatia from Sindh won against 3rd Seed Noman Awan. Muhammad Shahid won against 4th Seed Saeed Bangulzai and Muhammad Nadeem defeated 5th Seed Ahmed Naqvi.

In all 32 players are participating in the Six-day Mega event which is being organized by Pakistan Billiards & Snooker Association (PBSA) with the collaboration of Jubilee Insurance Ltd.

Day 1 – Matches Results

Shehzad Butt (Punjab) bt Mukhtar Khan (Sindh) 3-1
(56-29, 12-50, 64-54, 66-21)

Imran Shehzad (Pjb) bt Khurram Agha (Sindh) 3-1
(29-63, 62-54, 65-29, 57-16)

Faisal Rogatia (Sindh) bt Noman Awan (Punjab) 3-1
(61-48, 63-33, 35-55, 68-31)

Muhammad Shahid (Punjab) bt Saeed Bangulzai (Bal) 3-0
(73-09, 68-33, 99-51)

Muhammad Nadeem (Punjab) bt Ahmed Naqvi (Islamabad) 3-0
(55-26, 61-54, 56-07)

Naveen Perwani (Sindh) bt Khawaja Rizwan (Punjab) 3-2
(41-58, 76-08(71), 31-65, 63-41, 66-36)

Fawad Hussain (Punjab) bt Rashid Mehmood (KPK) 3-0
(65-10, 62-15, 54-44)

Mujtahid Ali Shah (KPK) bt Sunny Shahani (Sindh) 3-1
(76-07, 50-44, 41-61, 60-32)

Saeed Ahmed (Bal) bt Zafar Iqbal (KPK) 3-1
(71-25, 58-59, 62-11, 50-04)

Saeed ur Rehman (KPK) bt Noor Hussain (Bal) 3-0
(58-09, 58-38, 70-09)

Shahid Shafiq (Punjab) bt Manzoor Ahmed (Bal) 3-0
(96-01(76), 70-24, 67-20)

Mesan Zadi (Sindh) bt Amanullah (KPK) 3-0
(59-10, 55-32, 46-22)

Muhammad Yousuf (Sindh) bt Arshad Ali Qureshi (Islamabad) 3-0
(69-35, 89-34, 116-16(110),)

Muhammad Atif Baig (Punjab) bt Muhammad Yousuf (Jr.) (Bal) 3-0
(85-24, 56-08, 61-24)

Qadeer Butt (Punjab) Shadab Baig (Sindh) 3-1
(60-34, 57-29, 42-71, 84-59)

Irfan Kareem (KPK) Haji Saqib (Bal) 3-0
(78-34, 59-32, 57-48)

Sunday Fixtures
Saeed Ahmed (Bal) v Mukhtar Khan (Sindh), Saeed ur Rehman (KPK) v Imran Shehzad (Pjb), Manzoor Ahmed (Bal) v Faisal Rogatia (Sindh), Mesan Zadi (Sindh) v Muhammad Shahid (Punjab), Qadeer Butt (Punjab) v Muhammad Nadeem (Punjab), Irfan Kareem (KPK) v Khawaja Rizwan (Punjab), Arshad Ali Qureshi (Islamabad) v Rashid Mehmood (KPK), Muhammad Yousuf (Jr.) v (Bal) Sunny Shahani (Sindh) , Shehzad Butt (Punjab) v Zafar Iqbal (KPK), Khurram Agha (Sindh) v Noor Hussain (Bal), Noman Awan (Punjab) v Shahid Shafiq (Punjab), Saeed Bangulzai (Bal) v Amanullah (KPK), Ahmed Naqvi (Islamabad) v Shadab Baig (Sindh), Naveen Perwani (Sindh) v Haji Saqib (Bal), Fawad Hussain (Punjab) v Muhammad Yousuf (Sindh), Mujtahid Ali Shah (KPK) v Muhammad Atif Baig (Punjab)


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