n total 12 quarter finals were decided in 1st Punjab National Junior Squash Championship-2018. All top seeded players moved in to the Semi-finals.

The results were as follows:

In Under 15 Boys category:

  • Noor Zaman (KP) beat Huzifa Zahid (KP) score 11/5,11/13,11/9,11/2 (25 minutes)
  • Tayyab Rauf (PB) beat Abbas Nawaz (KP) score 11/7,8/11,11/4,8/11,11/4 (23 minutes)
  • Muhammad Hamza (KP) beat M. Ahsab Irfan (PB) score 11/8,10/12,9/11,11/6,11/9 (42 minutes)
  • Waleed Khalil (KP) beat Syed Hussnain (BAL) score 11/8,11/9,11/2 (18 minutes)

In Under 13 Boys category:

  • Usman Nadeem (PB) beat Mehmood Mehboob (PB) score 11/2,11/6,11/4 (16 minutes)
  • M.Shoaib Afzal (KP) beat Humam Ahmad (KP) score 12/10,11/9,11/6 (24 minutes)
  • Anus Bukhari (PB) beat Ehsan Ali (KP) score 11/2,11/2,11/5 (13 minutes)
  • M.Hanif (KP) beat Yaseen Khattak (Kp) score 5/11,8/11,11/4,12/10,11/6 (35 minutes)

In Under 11 Boys category:

  • Varun Asif (PB) beat Moin uddin (PB) score 10/12,11/3,11/5,11/9 (27 minutes)
  • Abdullah Nawaz (KP) beat Azan Ali (PB) score 11/3,11/3,11/4 (17 minutes)
  • Abdullah Nadeem (PB) beat Muhammad Zubair (PB) score 12/10,4/11,11/7,11/6 (28 minutes)
  • Mobeen Khan (KP) beat SaifUllah Tareen (KP) score 11/8,11/3,11/2 (15 minutes)

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