On Sunday separate team competition of Pistol athletes and Air Rifle were held.  The following teams booked the semi final places:

  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine

In the first pair Romania was sharper than Switzerland and continued to Gold Match with result 17-9. In the second pair Ukraine and Denmark fought from the place of Gold Match. Denmark was superior and won that match 16-2.

In bronze match met Ukraine and Switzerland. They needed 20 rounds before the bronze winner was clear. Their performance was brilliant, both teams shot only once result under 30 point. Among the rounds Switzerland had even eight rounds over 31.5 results. And with those results they lost the game. It meant that Ukraine’s performance was excellent too. After tight match Ukraine won bronze with result of 22-19.

Rifle Team Competition 

In the second rifle team competition of 10m Air Rifle Men, the following teams managed to reach the semifinals stage:

  • Russian Federation
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Serbia

In the first semifinal Russian Team convincingly beat Croatian team 17-7. In the second semifinal Croatia won the hosting country Hungary in a competitive semifinal with result of 16-12.

In the bronze match met Hungary and Serbia with Hungary needing only 13 rounds to receive 21 points. Hungary won bronze with result of 21-5 even they shot very well but Hungary was better in this time.

In Gold Match although Russia won the gold medal with result 22-18, however, it was not easy going for the Russian team. It needed 20 rounds to the victory and every round was over 30 points. The highest score which both teams achieved was 32.0! The final was very high level shooting indeed. The Russian Federation team members were  Vladimir Maslennikov, Sergey Kamenskey and Alexsander Dryagin.

Detailed Results can be found here.

The 10 m European Championship was declared closed and the next European Championship (shotgun) will be organized in Austria who received the ESC Flag.