Pakistan Scrabbler Waseem Khatri – Allsportspk

On first day of the 2022 North-American Scrabble Players Championship, three matches were played with Pakistan’s Waseem Khatri leading the leaderboard.

The leaderboard stands currently with only four players having three wins. Waseem Khatri stands first; not far behind is Austin Shin at second position and with Matthew Tunnicliffe occupying the third.

The 2022 Championship commenced as scheduled on 23rd July 2022 in Baltimore, USA with 34 players participating in the Collins Division. Formerly known as the NASPA Championship and National Championship, it is one of the major occurring Scrabble championships in North America and annually organized by NASPA since 2009.

After multiple officially sanctioned Scrabble tournaments organized in the 1970s, the first national tournament was the North-American Invitational Championship in 1978. Two years later, the jurisdiction for the Nationals was handed over to the NSA-National Scrabble Association and they kept organizing tournaments till 2008. From 2009 onwards, the tournament is held annually by NASPA in various U.S. cities each year.