24th National Boys Swimming C’ship ’19: Day 2 – Amaan & Daniyal Create 2 National Records

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LAHORE: Two more national records were established on the second day of 24th National Boys Age Group Swimming Championship at Punjab International Swimming Complex.

Amaan Siddiqui of Sindh established new record in 400m freestyle U-14 age group category competition. He covered his distance in 4:50.97 time beating the previous time of 4:56.21 established by Ayyan Asif in 2016. 

The second new record was created by Punjab’s Daniyal Ghulam Nabi in U-14 200m breaststroke event. He consumed the time of 2:45.36 while the previous national record was of 2:50.17 established by Zeeshan Abbas two years ago. 

Following are the 2nd Day results: 

400m Freestyle U-14: 

  • 1. Amaan Siddiqui (Sindh), 2. Taha Anverally (Sindh), Dawood Nawaz (Pjb) 

200m Breaststroke U-14: 

  • 1. Daniyal Ghulam Nabi (Pjb), 2. Hamza Asif (Pjb), 3. Ryaan Adnan Ali (Sindh) 

200m Breaststroke U-16: 

  • 1. Zeeshan Abbas (Sindh), 2. Saif Baig (Sindh), 3. Abdullah Salman (Pjb) 

100m Freestyle U-12: 

  • 1. Ali Mitha (Sindh), 2. Syed Azlan Sohail (Sindh) 3. Mohid Sadiq Lone (Pjb) 

200m Butterfly U-16: 

  • 1. Sameer Asif (Sindh), 2. Feroze Kh (Pjb), 3. Taha Hashmi (Sindh) 

200m Backstroke U-16: 

  • 1. Humza Khaliq (Sindh), 2. Abdullah Ashfaq (Pjb), 3. M Hassan (Pjb) 

Following are the first day’s evening session results: 

400m Freestyle U-16: 

  • 1. Zeeshan Abbas (Sindh), 2. Sameer Asif (Sindh), 3. Abdullah Salman (Pjb) 

200m Backstroke U-14: 

  • 1. Ahmed Durrani (KP), 2. Saif Khurram (Sindh), 3. Hamza Asif (Pjb) 

100m Butterfly U-12: 

  • 1. Syed Azlan Sohail (Sindh), 2. Mohid Sadiq Lone (Pjb), 3. Suleman Babar (Pjb) 

50m Freestyle U-16: 

  • 1. Zain Younis (Pjb), 2. Adeel Razzaq (Pjb), 3. Najib Khurram (Sindh) 

200m Freestyle U-14: 

  • 1. Ibraheem Rasheed (Pjb), 2. Taha Anverally (Sindh), 3. Mikail Faisal Ijaz (Pjb) 

50m Backstroke U-16: 

  • 1. Abdullah Ashfaq (Pjb), 2. M Hassan (Pjb), 3. Abdullah Bengali (Sindh) 

100m Breaststroke U-14: 

  • 1. Daniyal Ghulam (Pjb), 2. Hamza Asif (Pjb), 3. Ryaan Adnan Ali (Sindh) 

200m Butterfly U-14: 

  • 1. Taha Anverally (Sindh), 2. Yousaf Khalid (Sindh), 3. Ahmed Ali (KP).

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