After the completion of two rounds in this five rounds 2nd PGF-Pakistan Golf FederationMatch Play Golf Championship for amateur golf players, the quarter final stage has been attained after 36 holes golfing action at the par 72, Royal Palm Golf Course.

Those aspirants who have qualified for the quarter final positions are all golf players of skill, adeptness and prowess and include players of wholesome merit like, Danish Javed, Qasim Ali Khan, Salman Jehangir and Muhammed Arsalan.

In the quarter finals due to be battled on Friday in a match play duel, Danish Javed will have a score to settle with the very seasoned Faisal Sayyed of Royal Palm. Although Faisal Sayyed enjoys the privilege of being very much at home with the challenging Royal Palm Course which is his parent golf course, Danish seeks to assert his authority through powerful drives and good command on his short game. As for Faisal, he is considered an undaunted competitor capable of bringing up a surprise through nerve free putting and steady play. Another encounter of enormous interest will be the engagement of skills between Qasim Ali Khan (Gymkhana) and Hussain Hamid (Royal Palm). While Qasim Ali Khan has proved time and again that he is endowed with gifted playing competence, the very young Hussain Hamid is a local one of Royal Palm who has prepared well for the occasion. Royal Palm Golf Course is where he entered the golfing arena as an infant and has gradually developed into the champions role. A benefit he is likely to use to advantage is that he knows the golf course like the back of his hand and can come up with a masterly performance. 

Fireworks are expected in the match between Salman Jehangir and Mohsin Zafar. Over the years these two are well known to each other and have a comprehensive understanding of each others playing strengths. Salman is a very long hitter of the ball and if he can control his approach shots to the green, the contest will tilt in his favour. The match between M. Arsalan and Abdul Moiz is virtually a combat between teenagers who have barely turned twenty. That they are gifted is beyond doubt and how well they compete has to be seen.


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