Final – 1st December

Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) Vs Birjesh Damani (India)

Semi Finals

Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) beat Ahsan Ramzan (Pakistan) 6-4

(85-34, 78-39, 08-72, 54-69, 75-8, 0-84, 75-5(74), 84-0(84), 37-86, 84-0(84),)

Brijesh Damani beat Nadir Rohani: 6-1 

(70-31, 86-16, 04-97(82), 67-52, 67-29, 56-16, 74-34)

Quarter Finals Day

Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India) beat  Babar Masih (Pakistan) 5-1

(48-73(58), 57-20, 79-36(69), 69-31, 74-38(51), 57-12)

Ahsan Ramzan (Pakistan) beat  Salih Muhammad (Afghanistan) 5-1

(75-01, 43-70, 47-42, 70-3, 76-21, 72-25)

Brijesh Damani (India) beat Ankit Man Shrestha (Nepal) 5-1

Nadir Rohani (Afghanistan) beat Asif Imran (Bangkadesh) N/A

Groups Stage Results Till Day 2 Matches

The 2nd Sheikh Kamal SAARC Snooker Championship 2022 continued for the second day being held in Bangladesh.

Group A – Frame Scores

Ahsan Ramzan (Pakistan) beat Ankit Man Shrestha (Nepal) : 4-1 

Ankit Man Shrestha (Nepal) beat Nizamuddin Rossi (Bangladesh): 4-1 

Group B – Frame Scores

Brijesh Damani (India) beat Mohd. Alamin (Bangladesh): 4-1 

Brijesh Damani (India) beat Babar Masih (Pakistan): 4-3 

1st SAARC Snooker Championship 2019: Day 2; Both Pak Players In QF

Group C – Frame Scores

Ishpreet Singh (India) beat Nadir Rohani (Afghanistan): 4-0 

Shuvo Biswas (Bangladesh) beat Mohamed Rizak Munas (Sri Lanka): 4-2 

Ishpreet Singh (India) beat Shuvo Biswas (Bangladesh) : 4-0 

Nadir Rohani (Afghanistan) beat Mohamed Rizak Munas (Sri Lanka): 4-2

Group D – Frame Scores

Asif Imran beat Ziaur Rahman Azad (Bangladesh): 4-2 

Salih Moahmmad (Afghanistan) beat Rajan Lama (Nepal): 4-1 

Salih Mohammad (Afghanistan) beat Ziaur Rahman Azad (Bangladesh): 4-0 

Asif Imran beat Rajan Lama (Nepal): 0-0

Championship Overview

The five day event, 2nd Sheikh Kamal SAARC Snooker Championship’2022, is being held from 26th November till 1st December. Fourteen players are participating from host Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Afghanistan.


League matches on round robin basis (best of seven frame), will be held from 26th till 28th November.

Quarterfinal matches (best of nine flame) will be played on 29th November.

Semifinals (best of eleven frame) on 30th November.

Final match (best of 13 frame) on 1st December.

Participating players are divided into four groups as follows:

Group A – Ahsan Ramzan (Pakistan), Ankit Man Shrestha (Nepal) and Nizamuddin Rossi (Bangladesh),

Group B – Babar Masih (Pakistan), Brijesh Damani (India) and Mohammad Alamin (Bangladesh)

Group C – Ishpreet Singh Chadha (India), Nadir Rohani (Afghanistan) Mohamed Rikaz Munas (Sri Lanka) and Shuvo Biswas (Bangladesh).

Group D – Salih Mohammad (Afghanistan), Rajan Lama (Nepal), Asif Imran and Ziaur Rahman Azad (Bangladesh)