3-Nation Oman Hockey Tournament: Pakistan downs Oman 3-0
Shafqat Rasool who re-entered the team after a long absence

Pakistan were off to a winning start at the 3-nation hockey tournament at Muscat’s Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.Ā They defeated the hosts Oman 3-0.

All three goals came through open play.Ā Pakistan were ahead by two goals at the half time.Ā Shafqat Rasool, who has been recalled after a long time, was one of the scorers.
Oman ranked 32nd in the world isĀ coached by Pakistan’s formidableĀ former player cumĀ captain,Ā Tahir Zaman.
Pakistan: Ali Shan (13′), Ajaz Ahmed (21′), Shafqat Rasool (45′),
OnĀ Thursday,s Match: Pakistan vs Japan.
The three sides will play each other twice followed by a final between theĀ sides finishing first and second in the double league.

The overall tournament schedule:

  • Feb 14: Oman vs Pakistan,
  • Feb 15: Japan vs Pakistan,
  • Feb 16: Oman vs Japan,
  • Feb 17: Pakistan vs Oman,
  • Feb 18: Pakistan vs Japan,
  • Feb 19: Japan vs Oman,
  • Feb 20: Final.
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