MALAM JABBA:   After winning gold medal in the Women’s Giant Slalom category of 4th CAS Karakoram International Alpine Ski Cup, talented Pakistani skier Khushim Sahiba also clinched gold medal in the same category of 3rd Malam Jabba International Alpine Ski Cup.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian skiers remained unassailable in the Men’s Giant Slalom Category.  It was a close competition between Nazarity Petruk & Ivan Kravchuk, however, Nazarity Petruk earned the gold by getting 1st position. The bronze medal was also won by another Ukrainian Aib Vitalli.  Seasoned skiers from Pakistan, Mir Nawaz and Muhammad Abbas competed well but could not finish on the podium.

Khushim carried on with her superb performance from the opening day of the event and outperformed her opponents on the majestic Malam Jabba ski slope. 

Elvira Zakarayeva from Azerbaijan, won the silver medal, while Umama Wali from Pakistan got the bronze.