3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2019: Muhammad Asif Wins The Title

Pakistan – 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2019:  The title winner Muhammad Asif alongwith Muhammad Sajjad the Runner up and organizing officials – Courtesy: PBSF

KARACHI: The New Jubilee 3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2019, ended with Muhammad Asif winning the title by defeating Muhammad Sajjad in a memorable match. 

The final scores were: 

  • Muhammad Asif (Pjb) bt Muhammad Sajjad (Pjb) 7-4

3rd Ranking Snooker Championship 2019: Day 5 – Semi Finalists Decided

(61-53, 64-632(62), 36-78(57), 13-89, 83-27, 11-54, 38-61(61), 69-49, 69-64, 55-13, 68-14)

Cash Prizes + Trophies to players

The Highest Break Rs. 5,000 Prize + Trophy to Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (134).

The Runner Up Prize of Rs. 40,000+Trophy to Muhammad Muhammad Sajjad.

The Winner Prize of Rs. 100,000+Trophy to Muhammad Asif.

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