In the 42nd  Punjab Open Golf Championship in progress at the Lahore Garrison Greens  Golf Course, 52 top professional golf players of the country completed their two combative golfing rounds and qualified to compete in the final round scheduled to be played over 18 holes on Sunday. As for 46 other participants, their score compilation lacked the required vantage point score and had to face weeding out treatment.

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After the final 18 holes round on Sunday, 28th January, the prize distribution of 42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship will be held at 330 pm.

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On Day 4, Matloob Ahmed of Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Club surfaced as the leader. During the course of the tumultuous golf playing round on Saturday, Matloob was seen hitting his tee shots to perfection on all par fours and par fives and on the shorter par three holes, rewardingly accurate were his approach shots which mostly yielded birdies or regulation pars. Not that everything was pristine and impeccable for the Matloob. A few holes did take the glamour out of his great effort and he had to confront stroke losses on holes 11, 14 and 16 while birdies excellence appeared on holes 1, 2 and 3 and on the back nine on holes 15 and 17. Regulation pars adorned his card on ten holes. Commendable was his all round effort and his score of gross 70 gives him an aggregate score of 140, four under par and he enjoys a three strokes advantage over his very strong adversaries like Muhammed Alam, his club mate, Minhaj Maqsood Warraich of Rawalpindi Golf Club, the very steady Muhammmed Shahzad (Garrison) and Ahmed Baig (Royal Palm).

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Though Matloobs effort is commendable, his rivals all out for curbing  his winning march have inclinations of their own and if they can put up a formidable effort, the Championship activity on Sunday will become a challenging affair. Muhammed Alam had the best round of the day on Saturday and his round of gross 69 helps him to elevate his position to second slot and his two rounds score is 143, one under par and he intends to make a conquering thrust on Sunday. Another champion with enormous aspirations is Minhaj Maqsood (Rawalpindi). His overall effort has been admirable and is certainly resolute about his performance .

In the Amateur category, the best amateur is Nouman Ilyas (Garrison) with two rounds scores of 73 and 77 and an aggregate score of 150. One stroke behind him is Salman Jehangir of Gymkhana and his aggregate score is 151.In third position is teen ager Saim Tahir at a score of 153.

42nd Punjab Open Golf C’ship 2024: Day 3 | Leaders Are Matloob In Pro Open & Nouman In Amateur Categories

The 42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship rolled on for third day at the alluring Lahore Garrison Greens Golf Course in Lahore.

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The highly rated players like Matloob Ahmed (Lahore Garrison), Ahmed Baig (Royal Palm ), Minhaj Maqsood and Muhammed Munir (Rawalpindi Golf Club) attracted attention by coming up with under par rounds. One sturdy competitor, Muhammed Sajjad of Airmen Golf Club showed brilliance by compiling a score of par 72. And those who finished the Fridays round with a gross score of 73 add up to five in number. They are Kashif Masih (Lahore Garrison ), Syed Raza Ali (Rumanza), Zohaib Asif (DHA, Karachi), Waheed Baloch (Karachi Golf Club) and Tahir Bashir (Lahore Garrison Greens).

In the race for honours in Men’s Amateur section the leader is Nouman Ilyas of Lahore Garrison with a gross score of 73. Two strokes behind him is Saim Tahir of Garrison and at gross 77 is Salman Jehangir (Lahore Gymkhana).

42nd Punjab Open Golf C’ship 2024: Day 2 | Winner’s Are: Sr’s. Pro-Tariq; Jr’s. Pro- Shahbaz; Sr. Amateur-Umair & Ladies Humna

On second day of 42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship, the high achievers were Muhammed Tariq of Islamabad – Best Senior Professional, Shahbaz Ali of Lahore Garrison – Best Junior Professional, Umair Butt of Defence Raya – Best Senior Amateur and Humna Amjad of Airmen Golf Club – Best Ladies Amateur. 

Muhammed Tariq attained top position amongst Senior Professionals with two rounds scores of 72 and 70 and a Championship aggregate of 142. Shahbaz Ali achieved the best Junior Professional position with scores of 74 and 78 and a tournament aggregate of 152.

In the race between Senior Amateurs, Umair Butt of Defence Raya secured the first gross position with scores of 80 and 81 and an aggregate of 161.

Best Lady of golfing action was Humna Amjad of Airmen Golf Club, Karachi. Her winning score was 81 and 83 and a total of 164.

While these categories stand completed, the competition for prime segments like Professionals Open and Men’s Amateur will commence on Friday, 26th January and the 100 best professionals will vie for a stake in the prize money pool of Rupees 5 million and amateurs will lock horn for honorable positions .

42nd Punjab Open Golf C’ship 2024: Day 1 | Leaders Are – In Seniors Tariq; In Juniors Rehan & In Ladies Humna

42nd Punjab Open Golf Championship commenced in the beautiful tree lined par-72 Lahore Garrison Greens  Golf  Course. The first day of this five days Golf Championship was reserved for events relating to senior golf professionals, junior professionals, and ladies. Though the early morning inauguration shot followed by senior professional tee offs were threatened by fog and severe cold, the competitive proceedings took place as per schedule and these brave souls of the golf arena enthusiastically took to the golfing round.

Senior Professionals and Junior Professionals will complete their championship rounds on Thursday; 25th January. From Friday, 26th January, the Champion golf professionals and amateurs will enter the race for competitive honours. 

Day 1 Overview

Senior Professional Category

At the end of the first round of 18 holes, the most motivated senior professional was Muhammed Tariq of Margalla Greens and he emerged as the leader in senior professional category with a gross round of par 72. Others who fell in line were Muhammed Akhter (Islamabad) with a score of gross 77, followed by Muhammed Siddique (Faisalabad) 78, Asghar Ali (Gymkhana)78, Chaudry Iftikhar Ahmed (Gymkhana) 78, Mehmood Hussain and Abdul Hameed of Islamabad, also placed at 78. The Senior Professionals will play their final round on Thursday, 25th January.

Junior Professional Category

As for the junior professionals, the outstanding performer was Rehan Babar of Lahore Garrison Greens. With a first round score of gross 72, this young one surfaced as a young one of worthiness and merit. Shahbaz Ali of the same club is placed at a score of gross 74 and Syed Ali Nowsherwan (Lahore Garrison) is at 76 and as the positions stand, the junior professionals event is dominated by youngsters of Lahore Garrison.

Ladies Category

Ladies were also in the field on this rather chilly day and at the end of first 18 holes round, the top position was held by Humna Amjad of Airmen Golf Club, Karachi in gross section and in net section the impressive one was Minna Zainab of Royal Palm.