Through a remarkably conducted Fourth Chairman WAPDA Golf Championship at the historic and tree lined Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course, the Chairman WAPDA the victorious turned out to be Salman Jehangir of WAPDA and number one ranked amateur golf player of Pakistan.

Salman Jehangir 2022 winner of 4th Chairman WAPDA Golf Championship 2022 held at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club – Allsportspk

In the final round on Sunday the fight for the title was a searing one and eager for success were many masterly ones like Qasim Ali Khan, Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Danish Javed and Ahmed Jibran. But from the opening hole Salman Jehangir remained committed, resolute  and relentless which gave his winning march reliability and a sustaining winning touch.

His match score for three days were gross 75, 72 and 74 and a total aggregate of 221, five over par. And he beat his rival Qasim Ali Khan by a margin of two strokes. Qasim Ali Khan had scores of 74, 72 and 77 and a total match aggregate of 223. Third position was secured by Ahmed Zafar Hayat whose aggregate score was 229. These talented ones augmented the combative flow of the championship.

In the net race for honours the wholesome one turned out to be Ahmed Jibran (Gymkhana) who achieved victory consummately with a net aggregate score of 206. Danish Javed (WAPDA) won second net and Wajahat Ali Khan (PAF Skyview) came third.

In the amateur section, Salman Jehangir hit the longest drive and Qasim Ali Khan, nearest to the pin.

Other main achievers were Col. (r) Asif Mehdi in Senior Amateur Section and Parkha Ijaz in Ladies category.

The Invitational Category was well attended and competitors included many foreign diplomats. Successful ones in this section were Ch. M. Aslam, Furqan Bucha, Javed Khan, Maj. Gen. Zawar Hussain, Lt. Gen. Mian Muhammed Hilal Hussain, Abdul Majid, Shaukat Javed, Col. Ikram ul Haq and Khalid M. Asim.

Winners, Participants and Organizer’s of 4th Chairman WAPDA Golf Champions 2022 at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club – Allsportspk

Results of Allied Events:


3rd net, Ch Ghuftar; 2nd net, Ejaz Malik;1st net, Tahir Nawazish

3rd gross, A. Wajid Sethi; 2nd gross, Mahboob Alam; 1st gross, Javed Khan


3rd net, Zaib un Nisa; 2nd net; Minaa Zainab; 1st net Iman Ali Shah

3rd gross, Suneyah Osama; 2nd gross, Ghazala Yasmin; 1st gross Parkha Ijaz


3rd net, Ahsan Ghias; 2nd net, Rashid Akbar; 1st net

3rd gross, Abdul Hamid Awan; 2nd gross, Shafiq Bhatti; 1st gross, Tariq Mehmood; Col (r) Asif Mehdi

At the conclusion of the Fourth Chairman WAPDA Golf Championship the prizes were awarded to the players by Ch. Sarwar, Governor Punjab along with Mian Misbah ur Rehman of Lahore Gymkhana and Lt, Gen, Muzzamil Hussain, Chairman WAPDA.