The 6th Hassan Tariq Rahim National Ranking Tennis Tournament aroused, vitalized and stimulated the tennis activity at the hard courts of Lahore Gymkhana during the course of the quarter final match between 22 years old Yousaf Khalil of Peshawar and the hitherto unchallenged champion Aqeel Khan.

22 years old Yousaf Khalil defeated Pakistan Tennis No.1 Aqeel Khan in Quarter
Final match of 6th Hassan Tariq Rahim Tennis Tournament 2021, played at
Lahore Gymkhana Tennis courts – Allsportspk

An undisputed mover and shaker of Pakistan Tennis over the past two decades, Aqeel Khan was coerced into submission by Yousaf Khalil, the upcoming proficient one whose passion and willingness to augment his game astounded every one. During the course of his quarter final encounter with Aqeel Khan, this 8th ranked tennis player of the country was relentless in his pursuit of victory and added to that his foot speed and top spin made him a force to be reckoned with. Yousaf certainly toned down and dispirited his accomplished adversary by upping the velocity of his serves, rallying with self assurance and showing no hesitation in rushing to the net frequently and robbing his capable opponent of time to attack and all this dominance amounted to a stellar showing on his part.

All through the opening set consistency of Yousaf Khalil was discernible. He served well and returned well easing his way to a winning score of 6-2. And in the second set Aqeel looked a little more purposeful and resolute but found his young adversary flawless and impeccable and had to concede the set 7-6(6). Yousaf Khalil managed to oust the national star 6-2 ,7-6(6). This is the first time that Aqeel Khan will not appear in the Men’s finals of the Hassan Tariq Rahim Tennis Tournament. The past five titles have all been won by him. 

In the other Men’s singles quarter finals Muzzamal Murtaza toppled Shehzad Khan 6-1 ,4-0(Rtd). M. Abid beat Heera Ashiq 6-2 ,6-2 and Muhammed Shoaib forced out Mudassar Murtaza 6-2 and 7-6(4).

The semi finals will be battled out on Saturday, 4th December.

Triumphant ones in Doubles matches were the pairings of Muzamil Murtaza and Mudassar Murtuza, Muhammed Abid and Muhammed Muhammed Waqas Malik, Ahmad Chaudry and Abdaal Haider.

In the Ladies matches Ushna Sohail dispatched off Nida Sohail with ease and visible was her adroitness and mastery. In the other ladies match Esha Jawad subjugated Ashtafila Arif.

Boys who ended up reaching the semifinals are Semi Zeb Khan and Mahatir Muhammad. An iconic  tennis match lined up for Friday and tagged as the battle of ‘tender versus sturdy’ and it will be locking of horns between Sara Mehboob Khan, Pakistan’s No 1 tennis player and Khurram Imtiaz, a senior tennis playing member of the Club possessing masterly tennis playing credentials.

On Saturday, 4th December at 3.30 pm, an exhibition match is scheduled between Aisam ul Haq Qureshi – Pakistan’s International tennis star and Ushna Sohail – Pakistan Women No 2 versus Aqeel Khan – Pakistan Men’s No 1 and Sarah Mehboob Pakistan Women’s No 1.


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