LAHORE: The 8th Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf Championship concluded bringing merited excellence for 18 year old Ahmed Fareed of Multan who flourished and prospered on the final day and emerged as the apt winner of the 8th Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf 2019.

8th Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf Championship 2019: The Title winner Ahmed Fareed receiving the Trophy – Courtesy: LGC

This talented young one whose father is a playing golfer and so was his grandfather prevailed over two sturdy adversaries, Danish Javed Khan and Saadullah Chaudry, by virtually playing to perfection, free of nerves and overwhelming passion and thereby coming up with a two rounds winning score of 140 net, four under par. 

During the course of the final 18 holes the championship took many twists and turns and while Ahmed Fareed remained a likely winner. His opponents like Mian Rashid, Ayaz Saleem, Hussain Hamid, Saad ullah Chaudry and Danish Javed, pursued victory with ample resoluteness, but as the game proceeded towards the concluding holes, the tenacity of Ahmed Fareed  started to tilt the contest in his favor. While Danish Javed hit a poor shot on the short par three, 17th  hole and thereby slipped behind the  victor, Saadullah Chaudry  also missed an important putt on the 18th hole to give Ahmed Fareed a clear victory by a margin of three strokes. As against his opponents, Ahmed scored a birdie on the par 5, 16th hole followed by two regulation pars on the 17th and 18th holes. 

It must be said to the credit of Ahmed that he captured the Quaid e Azam Golf Title 2019  by controlling his nerves when it mattered most. His score for the two days was 70 on the first day and again a 70 on the final day and a winning aggregate of 140 net. The runners up position went to Danish Javed of Lahore Gymkhana and his scores for two rounds were 74 and 69 and an aggregate of 143 net. Third net position was won by Saad ullah Chaudry with a two rounds score of 72 and 71 and his aggregate was 143. Danish and Saad had similar aggregate score of 143 but second position was awarded to Danish Javed as he had a better score on the final day.

In the gross section the gross winner turned out to be Rustam Ali Chatta of Garrison Golf Club with two rounds scores of 73 and 77 and a total score of gross 150. This experienced golf contender participates in competitive events with a craving for victory and his preparation before entering the competition is absolute and worthy of simulation. He can certainly feel self contented over his victory as he beat a national level player Ghazanfar Mehmood (Rawalpindi) by one stroke. Third gross position was won by Hussain Hamid of Royal Palm with a two rounds score of 77 and 75 and a total of 152 gross.

Net winner in Invitational category was Omer Javaid Zia and gross invitational winner was Taimur Shabbir. In the veterans section Khalid Mansoor, once again ended as the best performer in Veterans category.

8th Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf Championship 2019: The Title winner Ahmed Fareed (sitting and holding the Trophy) and other winners with the Chief Guest and Organizers Lahore Gymkhana – Courtesy: LGC

Other Results: Ladies; Sameea Javed Ali, 3rd gross; Iman Ali Shah, 2nd gross; Tehmina Ahmed, 1st gross; DSP Shahzadi Gulfam, 3rd net; Amina Tiwana, 2nd net; Shahbana Waheed, 1st net; Veterans above 80 years; Dr Zafar Aziz, 2nd gross; Javaid A.Zia, 1st gross; Col. Abdul Ghaffar, 2nd net; Javed Hameed, 1st net; Veterans 70 to 80 years; Akhter Hayat, 3rd gross; Mahmood A.Sheikh, 2nd gross; Khalid Mansoor, 1st gross; Dr Asad Chaudry, 3rd net; Shagil Hussain, 2nd net; Maj. U .D.Najmi, 1st net; Seniors; Brig Mohsin Farooq, 3rd gross; Javed A.Khan, 2nd gross; Col. Asif Mehdi, 1st gross; Fida Hussain Raja, 3rd net; Brig Tahir Saleem, 2nd net; Dr Zafar Nasrullah, 1st net; Invitational; Mir Maaz Mehmood, 3rd gross; Shoaib Khokhar, 2nd gross; Taimur Shabbir, 1st gross; Babar Yazdani, 3rd net; Abid Aziz, 2nd net; Omar Javaid Zia, 1st net.

The 8th Quaid e Azam Golf  Championship the prizes were awarded to the winners by Shafqat Mehmood-Federal Minister, alongwith Mir Maaz Mehmood of Sponsors Lampro Melon, Kamran Lashari-Chairman Lahore Gymkhana, Shaukat Javaid-Convenor Golf.

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