LAHORE: Mian Rashid Rasheed of Lahore Garrison Golf Club took over the leadership role in the 8th Quaid e Azam Amateur Golf Championship.  The event endorsed and supported by Lampro Mellon and Sifive the competition now moves into the final phase at the  Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

During the 18 holes round, Mian Rashid Rasheed, a ten  handicapper was the superior one in command and his performance reflected radiance and intense control over his shot making. With an  admirable and exquisite display of golfing skills he compiled pars with consistency and was successful in avoiding unnecessary loss of strokes. This enthusiastic and avid golfer hit his tee shots off the tees on all par fours and par fives with controlled power and backed up the tee shots with approach shots from the fairways that can be graded as firm and crispy . Perfection in application of golfing skills was amply evident and resulted in an impressive score of  net 67, five under par. And since this championship trophy is based on best net score, Mian Rashid enjoys a reasonably good advantage over his adversaries and by virtue of this spell of fascinating  golf, he is now on top of the leader board and has pushed to the back many established challengers.

On the final day on Sunday, his  nearest challengers are Rustam Ali Chatta and Ahmed Fareed. Both these aspirants for the ultimate title are golfers of ability and played reliable and unfaltering golf during the round on Friday, and now are considered threats to the leader . Score wise they are bunched together at a score of net 70, three strokes behind the leader. From the competitive angle, Rustam Ali Chatta has more experience and is considered a golfer with nerves of steel with determination level very high while Ahmed Fareed plays technically well but nerves can let him down in the final race for victory on Sunday.

A few more hopefuls looking good are nine in number and are all placed at a score of net 72. These hopefuls are Ayaz Saleem (Garrison Club), Murad A.Khan (Defence Raya Club) and seven contenders are  from Gymkhana and they are Mustafa Tiwana, Muhammed Arsalan, Ammad Nadeem, Hamza Asif, Faisal Mahmood, Muhammed Omar Farooq and a very talented one Saad ullah Chaudry.

 At the score of net 73  lie Hussain Hamid, Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Ali Nadim, Hussain Atta and Murshad Khan.

In the competition for honours in the gross section the top one is Rustam Ali Chatta, his gross score being 73 and following him at gross 77 are Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Hussain Hamid and Murad A. Khan. 

And competition wise, a close contest is expected on Sunday in the net section where the Quaid e Azam Golf Title is at stake and in the gross section where the best one wins for honors and supremacy.

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