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Aging is a natural factor which cannot be stopped. There are multiple ailments which occur with the increase in age especially mental health deteriorates. But there are some foods, exercises and games which can hinder the creeping effect of aging on health. A little change in life style even in late years can have a positive effect on mental health. 

Allsportspk provides productive knowledge to its readers to spend a better and healthy life just by adopting some simple healthy activities. And especially to be aware of certain aspects which in the present fast paced life we may overlook. Not forgetting that if not for ourselves we may be able to help by passing on knowledge to a fellow human. 

Though aging is a process which is unstoppable and sometimes painful due to physical and mental weakness. However, the Divine power has designed the brain in a manner, which can provide healthy mind stimulation by playing mind games.

According to the researchers engaging the mind through activities such as playing mind games such as card or board games, draughts, chess, crosswords or other puzzles, leaves a positive impact on mental health especially of Dementia or Alzheimer patients. 

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The most common mental health issue among the aged people is Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is progressive mental deterioration that can occur mostly in old age or sometimes symptoms start arising in middle age due to degeneration of brain.  

Though it is a natural but painful thing to happen to some person or to some loved one and it cannot be stopped but there is some hope to help these precious souls to halt the quick effect of disease on brain and the memory.  

A scientific study has suggested that playing board games like chess can have a positive effect on mental health and help to fend off conditions such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to the research conducted in America at the Mayo Clinic (Via Purple Pawn), the objective was to study and find the potential link between ‘mentally stimulating activities’ and the ‘outcome of incident Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)’, While tracking close to 2,000 individuals aged over 70 during the course of four years, the researchers observed that those who played board games at least once a week were 22 per cent less likely to suffer from MCI.  

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In another research conducted in Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute and the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center in the USA, they examined 329 people with an average age of 60 who were healthy but deemed to be at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease because of their genetic background or family history. 

They performed a series of tests on them including brain scans and cognitive assessments. The participants were asked how often they took part in activities such as reading books, going to museums, or playing board games. 

The researchers found that people who reported playing games such as chess, draught, crossword or other puzzles were more likely to have a greater brain volume in several regions involved in Alzheimer’s disease and higher scores on cognitive tests. 

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For some individuals, they concluded, participating in such games could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 

According to Dr. Laura Phipps, Science communications manager at Alzheimer’s Research UK, “Observational studies like this are not able to pinpoint cause and effect of Alzheimer’s disease and role of playing board games, but they can be helpful for identifying factors that may influence our risk of Dementia.”  

Though it is a hard fact that Alzheimer’s cannot be cured but the above studies give a hope to halt the drastic deterioration of brain through fun activities. So, play board games, read books, get social and stay happy, healthy and fit. 

The published content is only for informational purposes, therefore, it should not be construed as a final health and fitness advice. Even if the content is correct the readers and/or users are advised to seek professional medical advice. Never ignore or delay a professional medical advice because of something you have read or seen.

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