Allsportspk Images presents a memorable photograph taken by Mohammad Fawad Asghar in a match played at Jinnah Polo Fields during 2021 Polo season.

Fawad’s lens captured Pakistan’s young, energetic and in form Polo players, Hamza Mawaz Khan (in Red) and Saqib Khakwani, who seem to be having a Fencing bout ‘engagement,’ during a game of Polo. In the process they are trying to accomplish a difficult task of connecting to the swirling speedy ball floating in the air…..with their sticks (Mallet) not Swords!

At the rapid pace Polo is played, it is a dream click to capture such an action.

Allsportspk Memorable Images 2021 Photographer: Mohammad Fawad Asghar – Allsportspk