Allsportspk Satire: ICC Gives Medical Grant To PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board  (PCB) has received $6.5million from International Cricket Council (ICC) out of total $11.5million under medical grant. The money transferred to PCB has a special note attached reading, “Use it for establishing medical hospitals across Pakistan,”.

Talking to media, cricket board spokesperson explained the recently received money, stating that the cricket governing body has asked us to establish hospitals because of playing style of our national cricket team.

“ICC has especially asked us to establish cardiology hospitals in Pakistan as our national team gives countless heart attacks to the nation, every time they play,” the spokesperson said, adding that the grant was rapidly issued after the recently concluded World Cup.

The board further said, the special cardiology centers will be made for second innings.

“These will be called ‘CHASE EMERGENCY CENTERES’,” the board said, adding these centres are our top priority.

It was also told to media that in next step, PCB is planning to make mobile cardiac hospitals, so that the service can be give to every Pakistani cricket team fan. “This money by ICC will be a huge boost for our mission and for our fans, who have passed through so much over the years,” the spokesperson said.

According to sources within the board, an emergency meeting was called after the World Cup match against Afghanistan, in which national team was chasing. In the meet up, the senior officials of members agreed that this is IT and decided to contact ICC.

The sources further said, ICC was already eager to issue grant to PCB for this purpose, stating that Pakistan cricket team has made governing body to think about issuing special medical facilities for fans along with the players.

ICC will help PCB in international matches as the cricket board may not provide facilities to the fans abroad, hence, we will play our part, the governing body said, adding that under this program, special medical units and ambulances will be parked outside stadiums, where green shirts are playing.

“A healthy fan, is a real fan,” said ICC.

Meanwhile, PCB has started to operationalize its plan and land in different cities will be acquired for this purpose.

“The ideal location will be near every stadium, so that fans in stadium can also be facilitated,” Pakistani board said, adding these hospitals and centers will be state-of-art.

Furthermore, the sources have said that board was rather forced to take these steps as they have time-and-again tried to convince players not to play with emotions, or health of the fans, but it was all in vain. “It is not that PCB is doing for last few years, it is the story of day one, as board kept on trying to convince players and players kept on doing same,” the source said.

“It is one of the best examples of equilibrium in history of the world as nothing has changed,” the source asserted.

“If you see on positive side, this shows the consistency of our national team, and a constant team, is a good team, isn’t it?” the source asked.

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