The ‘Wind of Tech Change’ is noticeable in the golf arenas of Pakistan. The indigenously developed App has been introduced and successfully cum effectively utilised in the recent Punjab Open Golf Championship held at Lahore.

GemGolfers – Pakistans First Golf App. – Allsportspk

This major development is the outcome of Pakistan Golf Federations mission to utilise technolgy to improve and facilitate the game of Golf in Pakistan. The mission materialised after GemGolfers Technology a Lahore based IT firm indigenously developed the 1st Pakistan Golf App with the name tag – GemGolfers. The App will help to eliminate manual scoring previously prevalent at Golf Championships and instead offer live scoring, thus meeting a long standing demand of the golf professionals, golf amateurs including lady amateurs and Tournament Organizers.

GemGolfer Brainchild Is …

Shoaib Shams Developer Of GemGolfers – Pakistans First Golf App. – Allsportspk

Mr. Shoaib Shams an IT Wizard, author of this system and an avid golfer is the Brainchild. He explained that the features of GemGolfers Technology are extensive and enables in managing and executing golf tournaments and lending comprehensive support to the highly competitive golfing activity. Starting from the organizing of the Tournament all the way to closing of the tournament, the System works through Web App and Mobile App.

The features include tournament set up, tournament launch and most essential, live scoring. The live Leaderboard is available both in the app as well as on the Internet. There also exist many allied features which allow for daily rounds and group golfing. What needs to be highlighted is that GemGolfers has been designed by golfers and is for golfers ensuring joy and fulfillment for all stakeholders associated with Golf Championships.

First Test

The GemGolfers system was recently put in place during the holding of the 39th Punjab Open Golf Championship held at the PAF Skyview Golf Course in Lahore. Noticeable it was the cheer and happiness of the competing golfers as the system significantly simplified event management and considerably enhanced golfer experience.

Players Reactions …

Through reliance on the scoring system, for the first time golf champions felt facilitated and even champions like M. Munir and Matloob Ahmed spoke about how incredible this facilitating system was for them. Matloob Ahmed the number two ranked golf professional of the country loved it when he could keep a track of his own scores and also the scores of his fellow competitors and there by see how he stood in the ongoing competition.

Even the competing ladies like Parkha Ijaz and Suneya Osama felt facilitated and as for the fans of the prominent champions they just loved the fact that they could constantly watch the progress and scores of their favorite players, all on their phones in any geographic location.


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