Allsportspk The Unusual: Archery Maestro James Jean

Creativity is unique talent that cannot be learned or taught out of a textbook. Certainly, every individual has different talent and capability, but some shape talent into masterpiece. 

James Jean who hails from Georgia, USA, has mastered Archery, a famous sport of bow and arrow. Usually people try to hit an arrow to a target board, but this James with his mastery can hit even a drop of water with his bow. Surprised!

James has bucket full of tricks, which can mesmerize anyone. One of the hardest tricks the maestro has, when he throws a ball in the air and shoots arrow which not only hits the ball but a second target as well, as the ball
goes on to hit the target.

This guy can hit two separate objects at fair distance with a single shot which hits both objects at the same time.

This man has does something which we have seen only in movies.
Have you seen curving bullets in Hollywood movies, what about reality?

James can hit an object with a curve, and that too with an arrow.
He shoots an arrow which doesn’t go straight but moves in 90 degree angle and goes on to hit the object in an unrealistic way.

Hitting speedy ball is just an ice on the cake of the guy, who can put an arrow inside a finger ring while throwing it hard in the air.

James doesn’t need to keep his bow at chest height or aim to hit a target, this incredible man can just hit anything from bellow knee height.
One of his unique tricks is “Bounce an arrow off of two ramps”, quite bizarre and unrealistic.

James releases his arrow, which lands on a ramp and boosts up, lands on another ramp and then goes on to hit a small target. He can hit an arrow with another. He shoots an arrow in the air, takes a 360 degree spin and aims at the arrow and in the end hits it.

That’s not all; he hits a playing card while moving. Such skills are not easy to master, and needs a lot of determination and practice. James proves that creativity should not be undervalued, as it should be admired.

He throws tiny ball in the air, put arrow above his shoulder from behind and cracks the balls with arrow.

James is more of an incredible man with remarkable skills. See the video and if do see it again!

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