The letters below have been arranged in such a meaningful manner that its seems the author had all the time in the world or was a professional Scrabble player. Read and judge yourself! Also enjoy as a few in lighter vein especially the last one!

1. *PRINCESS DIANA * When you rearrange the letters: *END IS A CAR SPIN*

2. *DILIP VENGSARKAR* When you rearrange the letters:  *A SPARKLING DRIVE*

3. *MONICA LEWINSKY*When you rearrange the letters: *NICE SILKY WOMAN*

4.  *DORMITORY* When you rearrange the letters: *DIRTY ROOM*

5.  *ASTRONOMER* When you rearrange the letters: *MOON STARER*

6. *DESPERATION* When you rearrange the letters: *A ROPE ENDS IT*

7.  *THE EYES* When you rearrange: *THEY SEE*

8.  *A DECIMAL POINT* When you rearrange the letters: *I M A DOT IN PLACE*

And for the GRAND FINALE       

*MOTHER-IN-LAW* When you rearrange the letters: *WOMAN HITLER*

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