Arat Hosseini an Iranian child footballer has become a global football celebrity due to his Divine gifted extraordinary cum amazing football skills, especially the gymnastic flips.

Born on September 30, 2013, in Iran, Arat Hosseini, at a very young age of two years started to develop a very intense physical regime and achieved a physical control and power which is unexpected from child of his age. He already has a 6 pack-abs which is enough to evidence the turbo ability of his body. Arat is mistaken to be a girl but he is actually a boy.

Arats training has been a total family rather parental affair – His coach being the father with the nutritionist support being from the mother.

According to the father, Arat started training when he was only nine months old and by the age of two, he was able to perform backflips and had extraordinary ball control ability.

While Arat was performing the extraordinary acts the father developed the Social Media account which resulted in worldwide popularity. Due to which it has contributed towards Arat being able to self earn through being signed by various brands and recognised by various institutions such as FIFA, etc.

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