American Football – NFL: Four Games Will Be Hosted In London


The NFL stated that it will play four standard season matches in London one year from now, two at Wembley and two at the new stadium being worked for Tottenham Hotspur. The NFL did not say which groups would make the outing, or when the matches will be played.

Previously, the league held 3 matches in London this year in 3 straight weeks. Every one of the 3 matches were at Wembley, and drew a normal crowd of 85,031. One match had been planned for Tottenham yet it was moved in light of the fact that the stadium is not yet fully ready.

Tottenham Hotspurs played Manchester City at Wembley on Monday night, one day after the Jacksonville Jaguars had played the Philadelphia Eagles, and there were worries about the condition of the pitch a while later.

In any case, it would not be a normal issue at the new Tottenham stadium, which will be outfitted with two playing surfaces, one for Spurs and one for NFL matches.

The NFL began playing matches in London in 2007. From that point forward, the American Football League has arranged 24 standard season matches in the capital and 29 of the 32 groups have made the outing at any rate once. Many trust the London matches will in the long run prompt England having its very own NFL establishment.

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