The FIDE-International Chess Federation has awarded the title of ‘Woman Chess Candidate’ to Pakistan’s Mehak Gul for the year 2020.

20 year old chess player Mehak, presently rated at 1580 on FIDE world rating is the youngest player from Pakistan to receive this title. According to record this Title was actually won by Mehak in 2016, however, due to administrative reasons in Pakistan Chess it has been awarded to her after 4 years.

Mehak also holds the World record of arranging the chessboard in just 45 seconds and a title of Chess Olympiad.

Allsportspk editorial team had tried to contact Mehak Gul through her father. Due to organizational style and priorities of the Chess fraternity, the contact was not possible.

Mehk Gul

Arkady Dvorkovich, the serving president of the FIDE Fédération Internationale des Échecs issued following certificate in the name of Mehak Gul.

FIDE was formed in 1924 at France. Presently, based in Switzerland it acts as the governing body for international chess competition. Different national chess federations are associated with FIDE.

Chess player Mehk Gul's certificate
Mehak Gul of Pakistan Awarded Certificate by FIDE – Allsportspk


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