Chimp Vs Human: An Unbelievable Contest; Shocking Results

The human beings have been evolving since they have opened eyes on earth- From Stone Age to Age of Enlightenment and now the Artificial Intelligence Age. Although the Divine has blessed humans with the ultimate powers and manifestations of living life as a superior being over the rest of the creatures. However, there are exceptions!

Reflecting to this query a Japenese Professor, Tetsuro Matsuzawa from Primate Research Institute at Kyoto University, has lighted a candle in the dark by shifting the focus from ‘human’ to ‘non-human’. It would come as a shock to the readers what he inferred from his research on a chimp. Yes! He conducted a research on a chimp and the outcome was unexpectedly amazing and can make one’s palm sweat.

What the research of the professor unveils is that the chimp has a short-term memory faster than humans. Wait What! Chimps are smarter than humans! Well the answer is that they are ‘smart-short-term-memorizers’ while humans are ‘smart-learners’.

As covered in the video, he devised a memory test for chimp. His star pupil is a 7-year old chimpanzee. On a screen the chimp sees a jumbled list of numbers from 1-9 and he has to point at them one-by-one in ascending orders of their sequence. Every time he gets it done right, he gets a treat- An apple or half a raisin. But then the researchers increase the level of difficulty. As soon as he presses the number 1, all the visible digits are covered by a white-box. The position is however installed in chimp’s mind owing to his smart short term memory. He gets it right time after time with lightning speed and hundred percent accuracy. In 0.65 seconds he can remember the numerals, all about the position of each one of the numerals!

It is quite shocking how humans compare themselves to these animals with respect to intelligence! Even children being better than adults at remembering things seem to be unable to beat a chimp at the test of memory. It turns out that Mother Nature has blessed all the creatures with divine powers unlike other ones. Moreover, humans can in case take help from the chimps if they are unable to remember anything.

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