The ICC-International Cricket Council has released a list of protocols which must be followed during
the fixtures planned in the future. The guidelines have been included in a 16-page document titled
“ICC Back to Cricket Guidelines.”

The ICC has mentioned that this is just a “framework” for the safe resumption of cricket. It has said
that the choice of dates of the recommencement remains with the country’s cricket board. Yet, they
have provided these guidelines as the best solution to minimize the transmission of the corona virus
once cricket resumes.

The salient features of the guidelines are:

  • Regular temperature-checking and hand sanitization has been made mandatory for the players.
  • Moreover, it mentions that players should be tested for corona virus at least 14 days prior of travelling to any other country to ensure that the team is Covid-19 free.
  • During travels, the ICC has encouraged the use of chartered flights rather than commercial ones to reduce the exposure of players to anyone else. Further, they must be seated with gap of at least one seat between them.
  • During their stays in hotels, the players should stay in a dedicated floor with no shared rooms.
  • The guidelines also include the appointment of a Covid-19 specialist which has to be present at all times during the matches and training’s.
  • A Chief Medical Officer and/or Bio-safety official might be appointed by the ICC Medical Advisory Committee to ensure that the protocols are being followed.
  • It was revealed earlier that the use of saliva for shining the ball will be banned. The document has further stressed upon this and has made clear that saliva must not be used.
  • Bowlers have been asked to sanitize their hands more often as they are in frequent contact with the ball, which might be a possible carrier of the corona virus.
  • The umpires have also been asked to wear gloves during the handling of the ball.
  • Hugs and even handshakes during celebrations have been disallowed by the ICC to take the risk of transmission to an all-time low.
  • Players have been encouraged to keep their equipment and items, such as, sunglasses, caps, jumpers and towels with them and not hand them to the umpires or other on-field players.
  • The document has strongly discouraged the sharing of water bottles, towels or any other equipment with anyone on the field.
  • A safe distance from the umpires and other on-field players must also be observed.


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