China is amidst a viral epidemic of Novel Coronavirus that has infected thousands with death toll amounting in hundreds. As the sports events across the country are postponed or canceled, several players and organizations particularly from the Esports industry have come forward and donated millions of dollars to support the efforts to contain and cure the virus.

A number of esports events have been disrupted due to health concerns in China in recent days. The 2020 PCL – PUBG Champions League has been delayed along with the LPL – League of Legends Pro League. Activision Blizzard has also canceled the Overwatch League matches in China scheduled for February and March.

In South Korea, the LCK – the League of Legends Champions Korea went ahead on schedule but no live audience or player gatherings were allowed and sale of future tickets has been postponed. Other events to be delayed included CrossFire Professional League (CFPL), League of Legends Development League (LDL), PUBG Champions League (PCL), and the ESL One Los Angeles Chinese qualifiers.

Chinese esports organization FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) has announced a donation of ¥2M ($290K) to fund the food and medical goods for the citizens of Wuhan which has been quarantined for weeks now being the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak. The company is also urging its players and wider society to wash hands and use masks to avoid the infection.

South Korean game publisher PUBG. Corp has also announced donating ¥3M ($430K) for the relief works via the Chinese Red Cross Association. Earlier, the American Team Liquid donated an undisclosed amount of money for a similar purpose.

For eStar Gaming, the esports company based in Wuhan, the business has seen a severe downturn but hopes are not down at all. Their founder and former Warcraft III player Sun “xiaOt” Liwei has so far donated ¥500K ($71K), 60,000 medical masks, and 10,000 pairs of medical gloves to hospitals in his city.

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