Football – Premier League 2018-19: Teams Relying On A ‘One Man Show’ So Far

Premier League

Football is a group activity; it is the joined exertion of the 11 players that yields accomplishment on the pitch. Indeed, all clubs have a few players who are required to be the star entertainers for them on the pitch, yet relying upon them to an excessive amount is never a smart move.

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On the other hand, football fans love individualistic heroics on the pitch. What can be more rousing than viewing a player turn the match on its head without any major help? A key player for the team, will dependably venture up when his team needs him, yet anticipating that the player should rehash such exhibitions, over and over, is too much to ask for.

Such players for the most part turn into the one brilliant spot in a generally dreary presentation by the team over the season. At the point, when teams begin depending on a player excessively, they open a powerlessness to their rivals. The rivals realize that on the off chance that they stop the key man, they will certainly overcome their opponents.

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In the Premier League, with such a significant number of capable players playing for every one of the clubs, it is uncommon to see anybody putting on an ‘exclusive show’. Be that as it may, this season, there have been occurrences where every one of the expectations of a team have been stuck on a solitary player.

In this article, Allsportspk presents 5 Premier League clubs who have been relying on one player so far.

#5 Brighton and Hove Albion – Glenn Murray

Premier League

Gen Murray has been nothing but a steady entertainer for Brighton this season. The 34 year old English striker, has begun every one of the counterparts for the Seagulls and figured out how to score 4 goals up until this point.

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His 4 goals incorporated the very late penalty against Southampton and a striking goal against Manchester United, which proved to be a match winning one. Additionally, Glenn Murray was also awarded Man of the Match for his excellent display against Fulham.

With 4 out of 7 goals of Brighton originating from him, he has been the single source of light for the Seagulls so far, and no other player has had more effect on the outcomes than him.

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