Top Of The World: Christian Stangls’ K2 Video

Christian Stangl  an Austrian mountaineer is also known as Skyrunner, as he has many unique and speedy high mountaineering ascents to his credit.

  • Born in 1966 in Landl, Styria. Christian became an electrical engineer. He began climbing at the age of 16 and became known as a solo and speed climber mainly in the Alps.
  • It was in 1990, that Christian began high-altitude mountaineering in the Himalaya. In January 2013, he was the first mountaineer to ascent the second highest peaks of all seven continents.
  • Subsequently,  August 2013, he became the first climber to reach the third highest peaks on all seven continents. These achievements have been certified by Guinness World Records in London.

Christians Speed records include: 

  • 2005 – ABC-Tibet in 16 hours and 42 minutes.
  • 2008 – All Seven Summit took him 58 hours and 45 minutes.The Seven Summit wise time taken for each ascents was as follows:
    • Mount Everest: 16:42
    • Aconcagua: 4:25
    • Denali: 16:45
    • Elbrus: 5:18
    • Kilimanjaro: 5:36
    • Mount Vinson: 9:10
    • Carstensz Pyramid: 0:49

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