Allsportspk Snippet: Roger Federer Sheer Excellence

This is a classic video of Roger Federer which shows him displaying his pin point accuracy while serving. It is proof of the sheer excellence of the tennis master. However, the 36 year old is entertaining off the court as well and has a wicked sense of humor.

In the video looking like a million bucks, the tennis great is asked to take part in a light hearted challenge, which requires him to hit a bottle placed on the head of a willing participant. Federer, being sporting as ever, takes up the challenge. The participant is understandably nervous before Federer takes the serve and has trouble balancing the bottle on his head. Federer looks extremely relaxed and asks the participant to move as little as possible. The Swiss star then proceeds to hit the bottle and is applauded by the onlookers. The onlookers, however, ask for a repeat. They are granted their request and Federer prepares to serve again. At this point, he playfully tries to scare the participant with a fake shot and succeeds. Unsurprisingly, the current world no.2 hits the bottle with the same accuracy.

The noticeable factor is the calmness with which the tennis master performs this act and walks away from the room as if a simple tennis shot had been hit.

This evidences the class of Roger Federer who continues his unstoppable success in the 2017 season, which is Federer’s second best season in terms of win-loss percentage. Before this year, Federer had won 17 Grand Slam titles. Now the number has improved to 19.

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