Golf Pakistan- 2nd Jinnah Tour ’19: Zulfiqar Ali Ultimate Winner

KARACHI: The 2nd Jinnah Development Golf Tour 2019, endorsed and sponsored by Sind Golf Association came to a stimulating  conclusion at the  PAF Airmen Golf Course where the windy conditions curbed the advance of many potential champions who were eager to boost their golf careers.

Overnight leader Atiq indulged in some faulty tee shots and lost his command over his victory march, and two others who fell behind in the race were strong contenders like Imran Ali Khan and Sunny Masih who tumbled  due to flawed and unreliable putting on three holes. The successful one turned out to be Zulfiqar Ali of DHA, Karachi  as he displayed and showcased  bountiful golfing talent to loom and surface as a player of caliber and competence. In the final few holes the clash and contest between him and his competitors like M. Rizwan and Arshed Rasheed was relentless and it was difficult to predict who will win. But steady and focused play over the last six holes brought gain and ascendancy for Zulfiqar. In the ultimate reckoning he beat M. Rizwan by one stroke and Arshed Rasheed by two strokes. Zulfiqar had three rounds aggregate score of 221, followed by Rizwan at 222 and Arshed at 223. 

Golf Pakistan- 2nd Jinnah Tour ’19: Round 2; Atiq ur Rehman In Command

For all the hopefuls it was an occasion that provided them a chance to  demonstrate their skills and have the honor of being graded as the recognized professional golf players of the national golf circuit. Because of the intense competition only 37 got selected while others who failed to come up with good scores faced rejection and have to make an effort again.

In this championship held at the PAF Airmen Golf Course which has ample charismatic beauty as well as challenge, the golf players who made a notable breakthrough are Ahmed Baig, Afsar Ali, Atiqur Rehman, Imran Ali Khan and Sunny Masih. They had the honour of occupying good positions with scores that deserve to be complimented. And the whole effort fetched them deserving cash rewards to give them a taste of hard earned earnings.

At the conclusion of the 2nd Jinnah Golf Development Tour 2019, the winners were honoured by Asad I.A.Khan, President Sind Golf Association, Colonel Zahid, Secretary of the Sind Golf Association, members of the Executive Committee, golfers and golf lovers.

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