Para Glider Pakistan: Shiraz Nasir Plummets In A Fatal Crash 

Photo: File

CHITRAL: Shiraz Nasir commonly known as Sherry, a well known Para glider and adventurer plummet to a fatal crash – Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un (We belong to Allah and to Allah we shall return). May his soul rest in peace!

According to reports the accident took place in the area of Birmugh Lasht, Chitral. Supposedly Shiraz was encircling in the sky when a sudden gush of wind made the wings go out of control, resulting in Shirazs’ fatal crash to the ground at the point known as Dolomouch. 

The Janaza (Funeral) will beheld on 22nd August in Lahore DHA Masjid (Mosque – Opposite H Block Market) at 4.30pm.

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