The first round of 39th Millat Tractors Governors Cup Golf Championship, being contested at the Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course turned out to be a remarkable one in terms of excellent golf play and sparkling application of golfing skills.

Quite a few single digit handicappers revealed their capabilities by hitting powerful tee shots on all the par four and par fives. Further supplementing this strength with marvelous approach shots from the fairways to the greens, thereby, making putting undemanding and trouble free.

The Ladies will compete over 36 holes and enter the race for honours from Saturday in this 39th Millat Tractors Governors Cup Golf Championship being played at Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

Out of the twenty front runners the golfer who surfaced as the incredible one was Usman Akram Sahi of Defence Raya Golf Club who plays to a handicap of five and became visible as a strong contender. With birdies on holes 6, 8, 15, 16 and 17, twelve regulation pars and just two bogies, he had a gross score of 69 and a net score of 64, eight under par and this undeniably was a dream score for him.

Though Usman Akram Sahi is placed honourably on top of the leaderboard, his adversaries are suitably positioned with masterly scores against their names. Farid Maneka, 12 handicapper of Lahore Gymkhana is just one stroke behind at a score of net 65. He also went through the first round with admirable display of his capabilities and in the second round seeks to edge past the star of the first round .

Three young ones are bunched together at a score of net 67 and they are Hussain Atta, Behram Khan and Abdullah Farooqi (all from Gymkhana). Their performance in the first round is noteworthy and all three look determined to establish themselves as golfers of merit. No doubt the first rounds performance can be graded as excellent and their first days score of net 67, five under par reflects ability and temperament.

Besides these five top contenders for the Governors Cup Title, the other forceful ones who made their presence felt are Ahmed Ibrahim (Royal Palm ), Nowsherwan Alam (Lahore Garrison) and Mohsen Zafar (Gymkhana) and these three contenders are bracketed at a net score of 69, three under par and lie five strokes behind the leader, Usman Sahi.

Some more competitors whose performance deserves a mention here are Dawar Lashari, Ghulam Qadir, Hamza Kardar, Saad Habib Wasey Ali and Salman Jehangir. All six are together at a score of net 70. Flow of the game is fiercely competitive.


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