The final for the Asia-Pacific qualifiers for the Polo World Championship is fast approaching; it will be between New Zealand and Malaysia. This match will take place on neutral ground at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Centre on the 2nd February 2017. This match will determine who goes through to the Championship rounds in Sydney in October.


It is not the first time that Malaysia and New Zealand have competed in the final of the qualifiers. Peter Abisheganaden, tournament director, recalls ā€œMalaysia beat New Zealand in the 2011 Zone D Playoffs, so the game on 2nd February is going to be very competitive.ā€

The New Zealand team consists of:

  1. Henry Wood 2 Goals
  2. Henry Jones 3 Goals
  3. Guy Higginson 5 Goals
  4. Cody Forsyth 4 Goals
    Manager – Richard HuntThe Malaysian team will be selected from this squad:
    1. Shaik Reismann, 3 Goals
    2. Saladin MazlanĀ  3 Goals
    3. HH Prince Ahmad ShazrilĀ  3 Goals
    4. Amran SelamatĀ  2 Goals
    5. Muhammad Edham ShaharuddinĀ  3 Goals
    6. HH Prince Amir NasserĀ  1 Goals
    7. HRH Prince Hassanal ShahĀ  1 Goals
    8. Toh Muda Rizal RamliĀ  1 Goals
    9. Dato’ Mohamad Zekri IbrahimĀ  1 Goals
    Coach:Ā  Federico Bachmann
    Manager: Dato’ Mohamad Zekri Ibrahim


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