Inter School Rugby tournament was held at Pakistan Rugby Academy, Lahore Cantonment. Eight schools participated in the one day event.

The participating schools included:

– City School Ravi Campus,

– City School Gulberg Campus,

– Qurban School Walton Road,

– Crescent School Shadman,

– DPS Model Town,

– Aitchison College U16,

– City District Government(CDG) Boys High School,

– Noorpur School

The results of the League matches were:  

– Aitchison College U16 beat City School Gulberg Campus  10-0,

– City School, Ravi Campus beat Qurban School Walton Road 17-0,

– DPS Model Town beat CDG Boys High School 10-0,

– Aitchison College U 16 beat Noorpur School 22-0,

– City School beat CDG Boys High School 30-0,

– City School Gulberg beat Noorpur 5-0,

– DPS Model Town beat Qurban School 30-0,

– Aitchison College U16 beat Crescent School 10-0.

After League matches DPS model town and Aitchison College U16 team qualified for the finals. Both teams competed well but in the 2nd half, DPS team scored the winning try. 

Final Standings:

1st. DPS Model Town

2nd.  Aitchison College

3rd. City School,Gulberg Campus

4th. City School Ravi Campus

5th. Crescent School

6th. Noorpur School

7th. CDG Boys High School

8th. Qurban School Walton Road


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