Int’l Women Blind Cricket Series: Rabia Shahzadi Appointed First Pakistan Women Blind Cricket Captain 

The PBCC – Pakistan Blind Cricket Council has finalized the name of Ms. Rabia Shahzadi as the first Captain of Pakistan Women Blind Cricket Team.

3rd Pakistan Blind Cricket Super League 2018: From 24th to 30th December

Blind Cricket Captain 
Int’l Women Blind Cricket Series: Rabia Shahzadi appointed as first captain for series with Nepal Courtesy: PBCC

Aneela Shahzadi is appointed as Vice-Captain of the team, she is also doing BS in Lahore College for Women University Lahore. She is totally blind (B1) category player.

Women Blind Cricket Series
Int’l Women Blind Cricket Series::Aneela Shahzadi appointed as first Vice -captain for series with Nepal Courtesy: PBCC

They will lead the Pakistan side in the forthcoming first International Women Blind Cricket series to be played between Nepal and Pakistan from 27th January to 4th February 2019.

Ms. Rabia Shahzad and Ms. Aneela Shahzadi were selected by Chairman PBCC.

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