Kabbadi Pakistan – Revisited: Sarsabz Rustam-e-Pakistan Dangal 2019

Sarsabz Rustam-e-Pakistan Dangal, 2019


1st February , 2019



The Sarsabz Rustam-e-Pakistan Dangal, 2019 was organized by Sarsabz Fertilizers, in collaboration with partnership with Pakistan Wrestling Federation in the historical city of Bhawalpur.

The competition include the major kushti (wrestling) Phalwans (wrestlers) – Hamid Khan Multani and Tayyab Pehlwan Lahori.

Before commencement of the official match, a traditional introductory session is held. Which includes commentary in the Punjabi language and the folklore and saint music.

The other major title fight was the Bhawalpur Sher Pahalwan bout between Adnan Pehlwan Taranwala and Hameed Pehlwan Kisai.

Sarsabz Fertilizer is a major corporate supporter of the game of Kabbadi, with the prime objective of reviving the sport from its end point to its resurgence.

This was a traditional pro-wrestling carried out between the two wrestlers. Wrestling is deeply rooted in the culture of Bhawalpur and Pakistan. The Bhawalpur city has a traditional touch with sports like wrestling being a big part of its culture.

Wrestling as a sport is where people from all the areas of Pakistan can connect with. It is deeply rooted within our culture and our farmer community holds it dearly close to their heart. Sarsabz found it as an avenue to connect with its farmers and provide them with the entertainment that they hold dearly to their hearts. Sarsabz aspires to be a farmer’s best friend giving them with what they love the most in their free time. Sarsabz is trying to help their farmers not just in their daily lives but wants to provide a complete solution to their life and become a partner in their needs.

The city of Bahawalpur is the11th largest city of Pakistan and located in the province of Punjab. The population of which is estimated to be around 800,000.

The city came into being in 1748. It was the capital of a former prince state of Bhawalpur, which till 1955 was ruled by the Abbasi family of Nawabs.

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