Organizers of the Jakarta E-Prix 2020 are scrambling to find an alternative venue after their proposed location, the historic Monas complex has been rejected by the Indonesian government.

A spokesperson for the official state secretariat explained the decision to reject the venue proposal claiming that the modifications and construction work required to lay down an asphalt track for the race would have proven to be detrimental for the historic building.

The race is still scheduled to be conducted on June 6 as planned but a new location will need to be selected and prepared in a short amount of time.

A formula E representative has confirmed to media that they are working with their local partners for a new venue for the race and are planning to execute the first of five annual races on the schedule.

Earlier, a local Jakartan resident Irawan Prasetyo, had set up a petition accusing the city governor Anies Basweden of rerouting development budget towards the funding of the race. The petition has gained 13,000 signatures however, the governor has rejected the accusations.

The Formula E is a is a single-seater motorsport championship that uses only electric cars. Inaugurated in 2014, the eco-friendly race is recognized by the International Automobile Federation with France’s Jean-Éric Vergne of team TECHEETA as the current champion.

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