KFUA organized a 3 day Futsal Championship under strict SOPS. ZUFG, DHA.

A total of 22 teams from the above mentioned 9 institutions took part in the championship. The participating teams included: Alpha Core School, Alpha High School, The City School PECHS, Sea view Academy, International School, British International School, Delsol School, AKHSS, Green Island Foundation

The position holders, best players and MVPs of each game were:

Futsal U-17 (Boys):

Winner: AKHSS Won the Match by 2-1.

Runner Up: International School

Third Position: Green Island Foundationby score 1-0.

Best Goalkeeper: Taha Saleem (-International School)

Best player: Hurmat (AKHSS)

MVP: Anthony (British International School)

Futsal U-17 (Girls):

Winner: AKHSS Won the Match by 4-3 on pelentes.

Runner Up: Sea View Academy.

Third Position: Alpha High school.

Best Goalkeeper: Hamna Haqani (Seaview)

MVP: Aqsa (Alpha High)

Best Player: Sameen (AKHSS)

Futsal U-13 (Boys):

Winner: Alpha Core School Won the match by 2-0.

Runner Up: The City School PECHS

Third Position: Green Island Foundation School Won the match by  1-0.

Best Goalkeeper: Syed Ali Shuja (Alpha Core)

Best Player: Hassan Ali (Alpha Core)

MVP: Shafeen (The City school PECHS)

Futsal U-13 (Girls):

Winner: SeaView Academy score 3-1 on Pelentes.

Runner Up: Alpha Core School A.

Third Position: Alpha Core School B.

Best Goalkeeper: Sourosheh (Alpha Core)

MVP: Zainab Naveed (Seaview Academy)

 Best Player: Hafsa Qazi (Seaview Academy)


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