Latest avalanche airbag technology
Avalanche Airbag Technology

Good news for Skiing lovers! A true game-changer in mountain safety, the new Voltair avalanche airbag is statistically proven to increase the survival rate of skiers and snowboarders caught in an avalanche.

Since 1989, Arc’teryx, Canada’s world-renowned brand has been creating equipment that enables outdoor and winter-sport enthusiasts to immerse themselves in their favorite activity with greater safety , regardless of external conditions.

As pioneers in high-performance outerwear and equipment, Arc’teryx has always stood for simple solutions to complex challenges; this is the essence of the philosophy and minimalism behind its design.

It’s this passion that lies at the heart of its new Voltair avalanche airbag, which is set to be a true game-changer in mountain safety.

Statistically proven to increase the survival rate of skiers and snowboarders caught in an avalanche, airbag backpacks have become the new cornerstone of the off-piste snow safety kit.

Unlike traditional compressed air cylinder airbag systems, which are limited to one deployment per charged cylinder, the Voltair airbag system is powered by a heavy-duty 22.2V Lithium-Ion Polymer rechargeable battery, allowing the user to deploy the airbag multiple times. This design is vital, because it means that users can train to use their pack before heading to the mountains.

Releasing an airbag in a practice situation should be part of any off-piste training, to ensure the release is second nature if a skier or snowboarder is ever caught in a slide.

Along with routine testing of the system, the multiple use advantage allows off-piste skiers and riders to practice deploying the airbag to better train themselves how to react during an avalanche. In a high consequence situation, one doesn’t rise to the occasion, rather one falls back on the training.

Utilising an advanced engineered inflation mechanism to fill the 150-litre balloon, the Voltair system delivers more initial pressure than any other battery-powered avalanche airbag system on the market.

This superior system ensures the balloon deploys rapidly, consistently and continuously – even if small tears or punctures result from colliding with hard objects like trees and rocks.

Other innovative features that set the Voltair airbag apart include its unique mechanical “always available” trigger handle, which is easily accessible next to the strap and can be quickly unlocked to deploy the airbag.

Using proven designs from its award-winning climbing harness technology, the Voltair also employs an easy-to-use leg loop harness system to solidly secure the airbag to the body.

Another exclusive advantage is that owners of the airbag can easily disconnect the battery completely from the backpack in order to meet airline safety regulations.

Available in 20-litre and 30-litre volumes, the fully seam-sealed Voltair is constructed with waterproof nylon and non-rip fabric with watertight zips for access to the two main compartments.

Both sizes offer dedicated compartments for additional snow safety equipment such as shovel and probe. Front straps carry skis or a snowboard, while mountaineering tool loops keep everything else in place for a stable and safe ride.

Arc’teryx is built on the principle of obsessive, precise design and production. The Voltair is no different, and will have a huge impact on the snow sport world and mountain safety.

Latest avalanche airbag technology
Avalanche Airbag Technology