Martial Arts – UFC 232: Were UFC Right To Move The Event To LA, California?

UFC 232 is currently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Moreover, it was Jon Jones that kick-began the disordered circumstance.

Jon Jones is without a doubt controversy’s most beloved kid. The previous Lightheavyweight champion has arrived in one more medication testing pickle however this time around, he is not the special case who should endure.

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Jones tried positive for an exact moment measure of Turnabol from a test directed on December ninth. Surprisingly, it is a similar substance that got him restricted for one and a half years.

The Nevada Athletic State Commision may have banished the antagonistic previous hero from returning in Las Vegas however have conceded him the authorization to pull back his battling permit. The California State Athletic Commision considered the medication follows to be excessively little and enabled Jones to battle in the state. In this manner, the whole card has now been moved to The Forum in Inglewood, California.

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While Jones’ blamelessness is something worth bantering about, it is UFC’s choice that will be under the spotlight for this rundown. The advancement’s concept of moving a whole battle card in multi week’s notice for a contender that tried positive brings up numerous issues.

While it might all appear to be a gigantic slip on the UFC’s part, there are as yet numerous reasons that legitimize the choice taken by Dana White and co. The approaching analysis also has its own legitimacy however we would preferably concentrate on the positive takeaways from the very unsafe conditions.

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In this article, Allsportspk presents 5 reasons with and 5 against the decision made by UFC to move the whole event from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California.

#5 Reason: (In Favor) Jon Jones Stays


Before you make a hasty judgment and name him a cheat, which he without a doubt is according to the fans, Jones is flawless in the pervasive plan of things.

As expressed by the USADA, the hints of Turnabol is a petite buildup from his prior tryst with the anabolic steroid in 2017 for which he was legitimately rebuffed. We are talking in picograms here and on the off chance that you are pondering, that is 1 trillionth of a gram. Be that as it may, is it really conceivable to discover ‘residual amounts’ year and a half after the ingestion?

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Anyway, getting rebuffed for such a little amount would have been criminally cruel on Bones, who has underlined the way that he is a spotless competitor in his announcement in the wake of the uncovered wreckage. Jones is inarguably a monstrous draw for the UFC and losing him days before the end card of the year would have harmed the organization from a business point of view. UFC does not need any kind of awful press, particularly after UFC 233 being dropped.

The show must go on, and keeping in mind that UFC could have managed without the polarizing star with an off the cuff trade rival for Gustafsson, that would have quite recently taken the whole sheen off the card.

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#5 Reason: (Against) Total Money Purse

Towards the day’s end, UFC is about cash. This is maybe the reasons why they chose to move the card to California. Be that as it may, moving a compensation for each view starting with one city then onto the next in multi week’s notice will just outcome in undesirable costs.

They made every one of the plans for the show in Las Vegas. Dropping all these and rebooking the equivalent for California will wear out the pocket of the UFC.

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Field booking, flights for warriors, inns for contenders, costs of authorities and charge for the commission are only a portion of the regions in which UFC should spend enormous cash.

It probably would not be a major ordeal when contrasted with the misfortune that UFC will languish over dropping the show, in any case, this is in reality a dubious issue as far as cash as UFC has dependably been under the scanner for not paying their fighters appropriately.

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For the #4 reason, with or against, the decision made by UFC to move the whole event from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, California, move on to the next page!