Martial Arts – UFC: Disrespectful Moments Of All Time

MMA is, above all else, a game based on ultimate respect. While the competitors that contend in the enclosure love simply to give a good old fashioned thumping to each other, more often than not there is dependably a solid dimension of regard between rivals. It is the reason most post-battle scenes include an embrace.

At times however, we have seen warriors totally slight their adversary both amid and after the battle. These minutes are normally disapproved of by fan and pundit alike – yet they unquestionably make for ideas after an occasion.

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In this article, Allsportspk presents ten of the most disrespectful moments in the history of UFC.

#10 Baroni’s Hyena Laugh


A standout amongst the most vivid identities in UFC history, the ‘New York Bad Ass’ Phil Baroni earned a lot of fans – and haters – amid the early Zuffa period in the advancement for his quick hands and considerably quicker tongue.

His knockout of Dave Menne – and resulting wild rage at the camera a while later – at UFC 39 stays one of the unequaled incredible feature reel minutes.

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Generally however, inside the confine at any rate, Baroni was moderately conscious of his adversary, win or lose. In any case, that changed at UFC 37 when he was looked with Russian kickboxer Amar Suloev. Amid a wild initially round, Suloev handled an unlawful knee on Baroni that nearly put him out of the battle. Baroni returned however and wound up completing Suloev off with a progression of punches.

Obviously, Suloev’s conduct irritated Baroni, who gathered a little American banner from his corner and started to wave it at the Russian’s group, provoking them, before hanging over the fallen Suloev and letting out a wild hyena snicker that made them be incensed. Snickering at a fallen adversary is a monstrous no-no by all accounts thus this was certainly Baroni’s most insolent minute.

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#9 Couture Spanks Tito


At the point when Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz conflicted for the undisputed Light-Heavyweight title at UFC 44 of every 2003, the story going in was the maturing paragon of excellence in Couture against the more youthful, reckless and pompous Ortiz.

The two men were over their fights, yet a lot to the pleasure of the master Couture fans, it was the more seasoned man who overwhelmed the battle with his more grounded wrestling match.

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With Ortiz four adjusts in the opening and plainly losing the fifth round because of Couture’s ceaseless takedowns, he chose to make a hail mary endeavor at winning the battle by moving for a low-rate accommodation move – a kneebar – with the clock running down. Couture shielded the move and afterward paid Ortiz back for the majority of his past lack of respect in the most embarrassing way that could be available.

For the need of a superior term, Randy came to down and punished Ortiz, who was caught topsy turvy with no place to go. The group and the observers both emitted in chuckling and it was the good to beat all for the counter Ortiz fans – the minute when the ‘Huntington Beach Bad Boy’ was given his very own essence medication. Still rude, as you may already know!

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#8 Rousey Refuses Tate’s Handshake

It is one thing to be an awful failure inside the Octagon, especially if your rival was particularly horrendous with pre-battle provoking, or on the off chance that you feel like the judges got a choice off-base.

To be an awful champ, in any case, is something else totally and in the event that anything its far more awful – you’ve quite recently rendered retribution on your adversary so why not call a truce? Sadly, no one gave Ronda Rousey this message at UFC 168.

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Looked with her most harsh adversary in Miesha Tate – a lady who had insulted her and her Armenian coach Edmond Tarverdyan perseveringly for a considerable length of time paving the way to the battle – Rousey rendered her retribution in the most ideal route conceivable by commanding her rival prompting a third-round armbar wrap up. With the battle at last finished, Tate hoped to end the resentment by shaking Ronda’s hand, recognizing her as the better warrior.

Rousey however would have none of it, rather totally overlooking Tate to celebrate with her corner. Ronda’s clarification was that Tate was just playing the great sportswoman for the cameras and could never have shaken her hand generally, yet – it would have been decent to see Ronda be the more charitable competitor and call a truce, instead of disregard an intense adversary.

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