Martial Arts – UFC: Fighters Conor McGregor Has Openly Challenged In 2019 

Conor McGregor

While he’s just battled once in the UFC since 2016 and was beaten pretty convincingly by Khabib Nurmagomedov last October, Conor McGregor remains the greatest star in the advancement, and ‘The Notorious One’ never has his name a long way from the MMA news.

In any case, who will be the rival for Conor Mcgregor’s next battle? A battle with McGregor is apparently similarly as large for a fighter nowadays as a UFC title shot basically in light of the fact that it’s very nearly an assurance of huge cash. McGregor on the feature of compensation for each view essentially implies over a million purchases now, and that implies cash for everybody included.

Obviously, Conor himself wouldn’t like to battle just anyone. The fight needs to bode well from his point of view, and obviously, as far as the measure of the battle, the greater, the better.

In this article, Allsportspk presents 4 contenders Conor McGregor has challenged publicly in 2019.

#4 Khabib Nurmagomedov


After their first battle in October 2018 drew a record pay-per-see buy rate for the UFC – 2.4m purchases – it was an easy decision that the UFC would hope to book a rematch among McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov, and obviously – in spite of taking a flat out beating in the main battle – ‘The Notorious One’ has dependably been down for the battle eventually in 2019.

Khabib himself has appeared noncommittal about a rematch, expressing that in the wake of tapping out in their first battle, McGregor doesn’t merit one, yet that doesn’t appear to be the situation from Conor’s perspective, as the Irishman has dependably proposed that he needs to do the battle again – his first Tweet post-UFC 229 in certainty expressed that he was “looking forward” to the rematch.

There’s no uncertainty that a second Khabib/McGregor battle would do enormous business in the cinematic world, however it seems like the UFC may go toward another path for the time being – all things considered, if McGregor somehow managed to get a major win before venturing in with Khabib once more, the publicity may get much greater – making it the greatest battle in UFC history for a second time.

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