The British Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton is to set New World Record after levelling the world record of 91 GP Grand Prix wins by Michael Schumacher. He may achieve the new milestone in Portugal GP 2020 to be held on 25th October.

Hamilton equalised the Schumacher’s world record during the Eifel Grand Prix at Nürburgring Track on 11th October.

During the 2020 season Hamilton had won 7 of 11 GPs held so far but there are still 6 more contests to be held giving enough scope to Hamilton to set new World Record.

Hamilton lost the first position during 2 GPs of 2020 season due to penalty. In Russian GP Grand Prix 2020, Hamilton got approval from his team about starting his practice from further up the pit lane than usual spot. However, stewards gave Hamilton a 10-second penalty on this issue. So, he remained at position 3 during the Russian GP due to this penalty.

Hamilton is also an arch supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement and is actively working against racism as well as Police brutalities.


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