New Golf rules from 2019: Sneak Preview


This video is part of Allsportspk  efforts to share developments taking place in the various sports.

The golf expert Yves C.Ton does a visual sneak preview of the expected golf rules to be revised and/or changed as announced by the governing bodies of the Golf.

These new rules will be implemented from 2019.  According to the expert there should be no misunderstanding that the present rules will not be applicable till the end of 2018. And as the next season goes on it is not sure if the rules will be implemented as announced. However, it is still helpful to know that what is likely to change in 2019.

5 New Rules: 

1) Search Time:

The search time for lost balls will be decreased from 5 minutes to 3 minutes. This will considerably speed up the pace at which the game is played.

2) Penalty Areas:

Water hazards have been renamed as penalty areas. It is not necessary for them to contain water now. If a shot lands in a penalty area, only a stroke penalty will be incurred. Previously, a player would incur shot penalty as well as loss in distance. Along with this, clubs can now be grounded in penalty areas. However, they can still not be grounded in bunkers.

3) Dropping Distance:

Dropping distance of golf balls has been decreased from shoulder height to a few centimeters above the ground. This simplifies the process of dropping the ball into position.

4) Loose Impediment Removal:

Loose impediments (like twigs and leaves) can now be removed from anywhere on the golf course during the playing of a shot. This includes penalty areas and bunkers as well.

5) Flagstick Removal:

Flagsticks do not need to be removed while putting the ball from now on. Previously, hitting the flagstick during play used to incur two penalty strokes or resulted in losing the hole. Now, no such penalty will occur and the flagstick can be left in.

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