Azmat Khan, a Pakistan born sportsman living in Dubai has set GWR Guinness World Record in Fastest Mile Dribble in Basketball category.

The 33 years old Azmat completed the feat in just 6 minutes and 1 second at Al Warqa Third Park, Dubai. He dribbled a basketball and attained the record breaking speed while passing through the turns and curves. As per requirements of GWR he used two cyclists to record the videos via mobile phone. Additionally he employed witnesses, 2 timekeepers and 1 track official.

The previous GWR in this category was set by Reed McManigal of America in 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Azmat who was born in Kohat, Pakistan has been living in Dubai since few years where he professionally runs for 3 km to 42 km. He also holds similar GWR for the 10 mile category.