Olympic Boxing: WBA To Open Doors

The WBA – World Boxing Association has taken a step towards reviving the true spirit of the sport by opening its door to the Olympic Boxing. The aim of the movement is to bring back the lost,  forgotten respect and honour this discipline had. Check the details in the following video.  

In its attempt, the association has called out to all the National Boxing Federations to join hands in this step. The sole purpose is to establish a systematic approach in the sport of boxing. To achieve this mission, no one can be a better resource than the experts of the field themselves. Over the years, the sport of boxing has lost its value. The WBA aims to revive that by developing a systematic approach. 

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Securing the vision of the initiative, the WBS has summarized its objectives and aims in 7 points.  

  1. Strengthening the values by participative writing of the experts of the fields, the fans and the official federations signifying the diversity of the sport and the honor it holds.  

  1. Securing athlete’s welfare by providing educational facilities and taking care of their health insurance and other necessities to avoid them being distracted. This way, the athletes can fully focus on their career without worrying about the stability in future.  

  1. Simplifying the structures by including the transparency of the system though the utilization of digital technology. There’s a need to reduce the bureaucracy from the system. 

  1. Sustain the future of the trainers by providing good salaries including a pension system. It is the trainer that makes an athlete a champion so their needs are as important as that of athlete’s. 

  1. Empowering the fans by giving them the opportunity to be an active part of the boxing world.  

  1. Utilize the digital technology to spread the passion and love of the sport beyond borders, to everyone that holds respect for this sport. 

  1. Taking the 6th point a little further, establishing a one “PRO/AM” broadcasting channel that is available in all parts of the world. 

Keeping the above steps in mind, the WBA, together with the National Boxing Federations, aims to take steps to revolutionize the sport of boxing through arranging tournaments and seminars and promoting this sport in every way possible that brings together all the people that love boxing.

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