Pakistan’s first Virtual Scrabble Tournament after successful completion of 9 editions, will restart after a two week break, on Saturday – 6th June 2020.

The usual Sunday schedule has been changed due to the 2nd Virtual Scrabble Bilateral Series-Pakistan Vs Nigeria being held on Sunday – 7th June.

The break besides helping the enthusiastic young scrabblers to rejuvenate also had a pioneering role as Pakistan scrabble ventured into organizing 9 virtual international scrabble competitions. The first one was played with South Africa on 31st May and the remaining 8 will be played during the months of June and July.

The 10th edition registration is now open (scroll to the end) for participants to become the lucky winner or one of the best performers and receive the Cinepax Loyalty Cards & Starzplay Free subscription. Along with the Allsportspk’s coverage which due to being the largest global sports website is viewed by umpteenth viewers.

The winners of the last 9 editions were:

10th edition – You could be the winner!

1st edition – Shahzaib Khatri

2nd edition – Hamza Naeem

3rd & 4th editions – Hassan Bin

5th edition – Aehzam Ahmed

6th edition – Huzaifa Faisal 

7th edition – Minhaj Ahmed

8th edition – Muhammad Nafay Mansoori

9th edition – Minhaj Ahmed

Register via clicking this Registration Form link

Registration will close at 9pm on Friday

For updates regularly visit: Allsportspk


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