Pakistan Golf Clubs: Defence Raya, Lahore Gymkhana & Royal Palm Teams To Battle

LAHORE: The Golf Teams of three leading golf clubs of Lahore – Defence Raya, Lahore Gymkhana and the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club will be up against each other for a three days hostility oriented battle of golfing skills. The first round to be contested at Defence Raya on Friday, second round at Gymkhana Golf Course on Saturday and final round on Sunday at Royal Palm Golf Course.

Purpose and intent is to attain ascendancy and esteem through manifestation of masterly adeptness in powerful hitting, accurate shot making from the fairways and splendid putting on the greens. Each team comprises of 32 proficient and dexterous golf players who value the fact that they were picked to represent their team and consider it a revered duty to compile victory points through excellence and high quality golf play.

At stake is the glittering Inter Club Team Trophy that is going to be a source of pride for the triumphant team. It is therefore natural that team members of each team hope to reflect perfection and accuracy in shot making during the three rounds at three excellent golf courses of Lahore. The format of the competition for this fearsome Inter Club Championship will engage twenty out of 32 selected ones to match wits with each other on each of the three days. Ten team members belong to the handicap category zero to 9 and ten ten fall in the handicap category 10 to 18.

Sixty competitors comprising 20 from Defence Raya, 20 from Gymkhana and a comparable number from Royal Palm Golf Club, will tee off in the first round today and face each other over the 18 holes. On each hole ,six points will be at stake, with the winning pair getting four points,the pair coming second getting two points with no points for the pair coming third. As the contest proceeds ,the points get accumulated and point position of each pair will be added up on team basis to determine the winning team.

A feature that needs to be highlighted is that such a competition generates considerable pressure. Team compositions are a blend of age and experience and quite a few competitors are considered deadly off the tee and attainment oriented on the greens.

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This amazing competition among Pakistan Golf clubs draws of the first day stand as follows;

  • Zunair Khan and Morad A.Khan (Raya) vs Salman Jehangir and Mohsen Zafar (Gymkhana) vs Damil Ataullah and Shoaib Shams(Royal Palm).
  • Imran Ahmed & Shafique Bhatti (Raya) vs Qasim Khan & Taimur Shabbir (Gym) vs Hussain Hamid & Shahid Abbas (RP).
  • Col. (r) Asif Mehdi & Umair Butt(Raya) vs Ahmad Zafar & Ahmad Jibran (Gym) vs Azfar Hassan & Faisal Ali Malik (RP).
  • Sardar Murad & Adyan Lone (Raya) vs Amer Mehmood & Kh Jehanzeb (Gym) vs Harris Naseer & Farid Bajwa (RP).
  • Jamal Nasir &Ahmed Rafi (Raya) vs Reza Saeed & Farhan Bhatti (Gym) vs Nasir Mehmud & Sharjeel Awan (RP).
  • Dr Nasir Raza & Brig Waseem Azmat (Raya) vs Hassan Sami & Naweed Sharif(Gym) vs Abdul Islam Nazir & Hamid Sharif (RP).
  • Atif Ibrahim &Maj. (r) Haroon (Raya) vs Asad Abbas & Daniyal Lashari (Gym) vs Farid Malik &Shahrukkh Malik (RP).
  • Raza Khan & Ali Hameed (Raya) vs Tanvir Najam & Rizwan Raees (Gym) Mikail Khan & Waqar Butt (RP).
  • Haroon Arshed & Dr Nadeem Mukhtar (Raya) vs Tariq Misbah & Imran Khan (Gym) vs Ali Naeem & Zafar Iqbal (RP)
  • Waqas Rao & Mohtashim Aftab (Raya) vs Asim Zafar & Imran Zafar (Gym) vs Hassan Hamid &Tanvir Karamat (RP).
  • Murad A.Khan is the Captain of Defence Raya Team and the other two Captains are Omer Zia of Lahore Gymkhana and Abdullah Sharif of Royal Palm.

It will be a vehemently fought out championship between the Pakistan Golf clubs and participating players will be at their admirable best during the coming three days. First day tee off is at Defence Raya Golf Club at 1030am through a shot gun start.

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